Friday, December 28, 2018

It's Official! We are empty-nesters!

So today is the BIG day - Moving Day.
My daughter Serena left at 5 am and is moving to Denver. Stephen, her boyfriend from Denver, came for Christmas, and to help her drive back.  He helped her pack and get her car ready for the long drive. He's such a keeper!  And he also found a room for her to rent. See?!  I told you he's a keeper! She has already transferred her job there. So I think this is a good thing.

The not so good thing is that I'm going to miss her.

Before she left I did start teaching her to embroider.
  Do you see little Marzipan in there?  She's always on our laps - she's not scared of needles!

I think this this picture sums up Christmas.
I'm very lucky to have a wonderful family that could come for Christmas.  As soon as my daughter Angela showed up - she headed straight for the stove and started cooking.  We all hang out there and help. 
 And sneak snacks as we help. 

 We play lots of games - and new one this year is "Tiny Hands"
You have to do a variety of things like golfing with an ink pen using these "teeny tiny" fake hands. 
Serena thought she would use them to hold her boyfriend, Stephen's face.
I'm terrible about taking pictures - BUT I did remember to get one of Bruce and me in front of the tree.  
As you can see I darken up my hair - I was so tired of that blonde.  It will lighten up again come pool time.

So now we are empty-nesters. (What ever will we do with our time? hehehe)  

Happy Stitching,

Thursday, December 20, 2018

Getting Ready for Christmas

Now that Bruce is in the family - he has to have a stocking!

First thing out of his mouth:  I don't like felt stockings.
Me thinking:  Good! I don't have to make you a Bucilla Stocking.  I'll just buy some dumb stocking at the store.

Then he saw our felt Bucilla Stockings, and saw that EVERYONE in our family has one.

He changed his mind real quick!

So he picked out Santa's Workshop.
And I got to working on it. And I'm so HAPPY as I love working on these stockings! I love to sew on those sequins!

He was shocked it didn't come already made.
I sorted the embroidery floss. 
Sewed on some sequins and the window plane with snow.
 I sat up my little cozy corner - which is so good the doggies try to take it over.
I've been working on it every night.
It will not be ready for Christmas - but that's okay.

I'm so loving that we have a large Christmas Tree this year.
It's so much fun.

I like that I can see the tree in the mirror.
If you notice there is a plain stocking for Bruce for this year.  
Bruce accidentally gave away all his Christmas decorations when he moved in with me.  Except for this Angel which he has had for over 35 years.
I'm so glad he has it. 
 And lucky me that I really like her.
I also hung up my little Christmas Tree Quilt.
 I'm doing good, still working on the cross-stitch. 
 So are you ready for Christmas?  Almost?  That's good enough.
You still have a couple more days.

Last thought for this post:
The reason for our celebrating Christmas.

 Happy Stitching,

Friday, December 7, 2018

FNwF Update

My vote for binding the quilt was the stripe, Bruce's was for the plaid.

I think the stripe just looked more cheery and fun.
I'm the quilt maker so my vote wins! Hahaha

Plus I did have back up from my quilty friends. Thanks everyone for you input. 

Next to get out my sewing machine and stitch these up.
Binding is ready!
Well, it's not much but it's a start. I'll work on it more later as I have to put up some Christmas decorations now.

Happy FNwF,

Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Happy Dance!

  I just finished quilting my Doggie Quilt. YAY!

I always do the happy dance - even if it's only in my head.  (I don't think Bruce is ready to actually see my "quilt is finished happy dance" yet. LOL)

One of my Favorite parts of quilting is CUTTING THE BATTING OFF!

Yes - you love it too?

Then I had to find some binding fabric. 
The only bit I had was a 8x9 piece.
Well, we needed to go to Walmart for other things, so I though I might as well look.  Although what is the chance Walmart will have fabric to match Pam Kitty in the Morning fabric?  (NONE - or so I thought!)

Check this out! Perfect match of green color.  
Well, not in these pictures as the lighting was different, but in real life they are. 
And this one also had a perfect match of green running through it.
I couldn't believe I would find the any fabric much less two to choose from.

So.....plaid ?
Or stripe?

So binding this is my project for Friday Night with Friends.
Head on over to Gone Stitchin' and sign up and join us.

Happy Stitching!