Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Some Before & After Pictures

So - I don't think I told you that my sister is coming out to visit.

And of course that means - I gotta get things cleaned up for her. 

I'm going to turn my sewing room into a guest room.

And this Closet needs HELP!

Here's my "after" picture.

I've been busy spring cleaning the whole house.  It's actually been fun.  I made a HUGE list and I've been just working my way through it and now I'm down to 6 items.  YAY!

And I've even taken the time to sandwich and pin Angela's quilt.
The blue is the masking tape.

I've cleaned my machine out - first time since I bought Janey Mae (my new Skyline Janome machine).  

It has a one step plate converter - meaning NO SCREWS to remove the plate. 
I had forgotten about this - and you would have died laughing at the puzzled look on my face - wondering where are the screws?  How do I get this darn thing off to clean the bobbin area?

I had to go find my manual - which I couldn't find for the longest time in my nice clean sewing - er I mean guest room.

Imagine my surprise - it just a little lever.
Pop! And the cover plate is off.  Wow!!  Sew Cool.  Sew Easy.
I love it!

Wait!  That's not all.

I watched Lily the other day - she has just turned two.

Well....I let her play with my phone.
And with out me knowing anything about it, she posted a picture to my Facebook!!!
Somehow she changed it to black and white and wrote that gobblygook.

Life if fun isn't it?

Happy Sewing,

Thursday, February 11, 2016

I've got some Updates for you - Quilts & The Bay

Well, would you like to know where I've been?

Okay then, let's get started.

First - I said I was going to finish piecing  Angela's quilt in January.  One Saturday I sat down and cut and sewn up the next border.
I was not happy sewing.  NOT happy at all and I threw a fit.  Well, my fits are very quiet.  I simply got up and decided I'm DONE.  No more quilting for me.  (EVER AGAIN)

Later that evening I came back and sewed the border strip. 
Hey, I'm not good at throwing fits, nor at staying away from my sewing.

I really didn't want to make more of this border so I finished up The Midnight Mystery Quilt.  
The design stays on the top of the bed and that big wide border hangs all the way around the edge.  I think it turned out to be king size. 

And listen to this - I showed the fabric scraps to Serena and she said.  "No, I do not like those!  I do not like polka-dots (What??  Aren't you suppose to be my kid?  I love polka-dots!  They are like rickrack - both fun to say and fun to be with.)

So I brought out the quilt to show her - after all it's not going to be her Christmas gift anymore.   And she squealed with delight "I love it".   

Hmmm.....what do you say to that?

Back to Angela's quilt.
Sunny of Quilting Dreams you need to sit down and prepare yourself...

  The following Saturday January 30th.  I finished it!!!!  
This quilt is a Queen and it also hangs nicely over the edge of my queen bed
and I LOVE the design.   

That simple border is so much better than the pieced border.  Now, I have the backing ironed and the batting.  I hope to sandwich and pin it soon. (Tonight?)

My goal is to finish quilting this before the end of the month.  BUT I do have to order thread for it.  

Now the other thing that kept me away from blogging is our anniversary.
I decided that we should go whale watching.

We drove to Morro Bay, CA and had dinner with this beautiful sunset.
The next morning we went out to sea with a whale watching tour. The sea was so calm and the weather so beautiful it was a perfect day. 

We only had to go 1/2 a mile and saw them.  We saw a total of 11 different whales. 
I didn't get a good picture of any that leaped into the air - but I do have this one.  I was more about enjoying the experience than taking photos - bad blogger I know.   

So here's to us and our Copper Anniversary

Happy Stitching - and no throwing fits!