Friday, September 21, 2012

Oh yes! Tonight is FNSI!  Just what I need after a rough week of work. A nice evening of relaxation. Sewing is better than getting a massage.  Do you agree?  

Yesterday, I had go to the doctor for my eyes; I've been seeing flashes of light.  So the doctor shined a bright light in my eyes and pushed on them really hard with a little metal tool.  It just made me so sick.  I'm still a little nauseated even today.  (I think my eyes will be okay - but I'll have to go back for another torture treatment in a month.) He did say next time it won't be as bad.  

So last night when I thought I was feeling better I started squaring up my blocks. That's when the big mistake happened.  (Okay so it's not a big mistake - but it seemed like it at the time!)

I trimmed this one too small.  I was thinking I needed 8 inch square - so I trimmed.
Right away I realize - NO! It's 8 inches finished!  AND I do not have any more background fabric left.  Poor, Poor Block!  

Here's the other block I made last week:
Okay so that's my plans for the evening.  Do you plan on joining us or do you have something better in mind?

Happy Stitching,

Monday, September 17, 2012

Troy and my Civil War Blocks.

Over the weekend I finished up the last three Civil War blocks. 
 Although for some strange reason I only took a picture of one.  My daughter came by and told me her favorites are the star blocks.  So fun to learn what others like. 

Here's a picture; I forgot to take one with all the blocks.   See -there is one missing in this picture. 
My next step is to get them out from under the chairs and arrange the sampler blocks. Right now they are just thrown in willy-nilly.  
Oh and they don't look this neat anymore, because when Rosanna came over so did little 2 year old Troy. Believe me when I say they are really a mess now!  He ran through them, scattering them every which way, flipping blocks on top of each other, creating holes where blocks ought to be. I told him "Troy, don't stand on my quilt".  I didn't really care, I just said it to see what he would say.  He outfoxed me. He found a spot of carpet in the middle of the blocks - and stood there, all pleased with himself.  Right. He's standing where a block ought to be, but now it's carpet - so technically he's not standing on the quilt!  That little boy just makes me laugh!
Happy Stitching,

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Happy with Civil War & Alternating Blocks

Oh Dear. I haven't posted in a week. Well, I wanted to, but I've just been busy moving files and working and SEWING! Yes! I've been doing my favorite thing. I'm so thrilled to have been able to spend large amounts of time sewing.
In fact, I've been sewing so much I ran that spool of thread empty before I knew what was happening. Happiness is an Empty Spool.  hehehe
As you know I sew in the dinning room.  As I started working on my alternating blocks I would just put them down with the Civil War blocks to see how they looked and to see how many more I need to make. 
It is a silly place to lay them out with that the chair is in the way.  
As you can see I have one lone CW block on the last row.  I wasn't sure just how many I wanted. Lucky for me I had printed out 4 more CW blocks to make just in case that happened.  
Last night I cut the fabric for the last of blocks.
I know some people don't enjoy cutting all that much, but I have a wonderful time. My daughter and I have started watching LOST on Netflix.  So between talking, drinking coffee, making waffles - yeah, making waffles at 8:00 at night, it took me about 2 hours to cut the blocks out. 

I'll be back soon with another progress report. 

Happy Stitching 

Friday, September 7, 2012

More Fabric - The Answer to any Dilemma

I had a terrible dilemma, I had run out of this fabric for making my alternating blocks. And I  had only half the number of blocks that I needed. 
I purchased this fabric over a year ago.  No way would the fabric store still have any left.  I fussed and thought trying to incorporate another fabric. I fussed and thought some more, but none of my ideas wouldn't work not with the amount of green fabric I had.  I really wanted to keep the same design. I like the secondary pattern the alternating blocks make with the Civil War blocks. I sure didn't want to start over with another fabric and make all those blocks again.  So knowing that it was hopeless I went to the fabric store at lunch today. And Surprise! Surprise!  (Do you all remember Gomer Pyle?)   They had 1 yard left!!! (On Sale!)

Now who is ready to cut fabric and make blocks?   ME!

Happy Cutting and Stitching!

Wait! Wait!  I have more to tell you.  My husband went with me to the store.  He was looking at fabric and talking about making another quilt.  He told me he wanted to make a Fat Quarter Quilt, I told him  "You don't even know what a Fat Quarter is".  He said "Yes I do!", and took me straight to the fat quarters. Yikes!  I think he's been listening to me after all.  I suppose if he knows what one is, he should make a quilt from them.  We'll need a different shopping trip so he can take his time picking out his fabric.  

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

New fabrics, New QAL & Alternating Blocks

Over the weekend I went to our local quilt store.  I didn't have a good reason to go - although now I remember I was suppose to get the spool fabric for the mini quilt.  Yep, that's just like me to forget all about it.  

So while we were in the store - hubby says "I like Walmart fabric better".  Hehehe.  He is just too funny.  Thank goodness he said it quietly and no one else heard.

We had to go to Walmart anyway so we checked out the fabric.  I saw these fat qtrs and fell in love with them.  

I was thinking these would be just right for the new QAL, Grandmother's Choice by Barbara Brackman.  I want something very different for this QAL as last time I used muted colors for the Civil War QAL. 

One pack of fat quarters will not be enough - and there it was, another pack. Plus this pack. 
I think these will work.  I'll add more fabrics as needed. 

I really don't like to start a new project until I finish the old one - although I do it all the time anyway!  So this past week I've been working on the alternating blocks for the Barbara Brackman's Civil War QAL. 

These are some of the blocks from the QAL
And this is the alternating block I thought would work. 
And together: 
I wasn't too happy with it - could be because they are so jumbled.  

Then I saw this poor quality picture I had taken. 
By stepping back from it a bit I can see these alternating blocks might look good.  Let's see what happens when I use PicMonkey.  (PicMonkey is super easy to use.)
I do think these will work.  I can't wait to make some more of them. 

Happy Stitching,