Tuesday, August 17, 2021

Bats & Boos - Pumpkin Block

 Blocks of the week or month have always been an easy thing for me. Until the puppy came!

Oh my she takes up so much of my time. Playing with her, taking her out to potty 20 times a day. It all adds up to an incomplete pumpkin block.

Although I much admit I’ve been having so much fun working on it. 

So I need to go sew while she is sleeping.

Happy Stitching,



Wednesday, August 11, 2021

Bats and Boos Bat Block

 I was so very devastated to lose my Marizpan. I know I need a dog in my life so we found our new little one. She is super cute. 

She’s doing her part to help me mess up my sewing room. That’s what I want. 

Oh my gosh, I decided to let Bruce name her.  He was in no hurry.  It started to drive me nuts! But today we have a name.  MiaJovi which means my joy or my beloved.  We may end up calling her either Mia or Jovi or change it but for now she has a name  

I’ve been working on the bat blocks. They are so cool. 

 And this week I’ve been working on the pumpkin block. I love the block! So I’ll be back to show you those.

 It’s just comforting to get back to making blocks and sewing.   

Now let’s get back to sewing or maybe back to playing with MiaJovi. 

Happy Stitching,


Thursday, August 5, 2021

Bats and Boos Mystery

 Now that I’m in a new place and most of the house is put together I was curious about the quilting shop in town.  Bats and Boos Mystery gave me the perfect excuse. 

Before moving I greatly reduced my fabric. So much of it I was given, had stored for years and to be honest I was never going to use it. The best part was letting my granddaughter come over and take any thing she wanted. I also gave her my mothers machine & cabinet, scissors, thread and any notion I could think of. 

Well back to the Bat & Boos

I love the fabrics I found. I love Halloween fabrics.

 I admit it was fun to cut and label the squares for the bats. It’s been so very long since I’ve seen.  I sewed a little bit and hope to do some more sewing this afternoon. 

This is my daughter Serena teaching a little girl to skate. Check out her reaction when she accomplished her goal. 

We should all be so happy with our accomplishments big and small.

Now it’s ice tea time!

Happy Stitching

See you all soon!


Sunday, August 1, 2021

New Baby and some Finishes

We decided that life is just better with a little furry friend. I’m so used to having a dog that life is strange (and empty) without one. 
I wanted a toy poodle and Bruce wanted a black and white one.  This little girl will be coming home to us this next Saturday. 

I’ve been working on my cross stitch. 
I saw Lori Holt uses her small design boards for her threads. 
Is that I great idea or what? 

Since I don’t have a small one I use my big one. Perfect! 
Doing this cross stitch has been very enjoyable! It is a Durene Jones design. Garden SAL
I finished up the little wall hanging for my daughter. The one where I used the lace from her wedding dress. 
And I finished up the dish towel. I added a little ruffle. To my relief my sewing machine is fine. No damage from the move. Whew!
I’ve been trying to be more active. I go with my husband when he plays golf. It’s hot but I just try to ignore it and walk around anyways. 

We do have fun together. 

 Tomorrow starts Fat Quarter Shops Halloween Mystery Quilt.  I have some fabric. I need a background fabric.  Who else is doing this one?

See you soon and happy stitching,