Tuesday, August 31, 2010

My other goals for self-care

Okay, here's what else I've been up to.  Walking.   Doesn't that just sound like so much fun?  If you are saying no - here's what helps to make it loads of fun.  My cutest little granddaughter, Violet.  And her brother aka "Troy Toy".  It's so cute to hear Violet call him that.  And of course my main walking partner - Rosanna.  Check her out with her snazzy sun visor - doesn't she look like a real dedicated walker? 

She is because she walks everyday and doesn't let having three children stop her.  I try to walk every morning and then again at night or else go swimming.  That water feel so cool on these hot summer days. 

Also I've cut down on my how much I've been eating, cut out all sodas and deserts. (Oh except for that See's candy I bought the other day at the mall.  Oh well, we just won't count that!) I'm really happy that I've lost some weight and feel better.  YEA ME!!

Monday, August 30, 2010

Revisiting those old July/August Goals - My Finishes

1. Join a Friendship Group at the quilt guild. (Oh and pay the guild dues too! LOL) Done! Yea!

2. Read the book Emma by Jane Austen with my family. Read Chapters 1-10, which was plenty! Nope don’t like it – I’m moving onto something better!

3. Sign up for a Biology Class at College. (YUCK! Actually Double YUCK!) Biology was full. Signed up for two other ones.

4. Treat my Mother-in-law like Gold for the two weeks she is visiting. She is such a sweetie I want to treat her extra special. Mission Accomplished. We took her everywhere and fed all kinds of different fun foods! We had so much fun spoiling her.

5. Take one more mini camping trip with the family before school starts. Sadly didn't do this one, maybe next weekend.

6. Buy a walking foot and start quilting those tops! On Order - just waiting for it to come in.'s been 2 months and I'm still waiting, maybe I should order from another shop.

7. Enjoy shopping with my youngest daughter for school clothes. YEA!! I did it!! 1st she is a teenager – Need I say more? 2nd she is the pickiest clothes person I know. And 3rd those store play the music too loud! I went with her and we had a GREAT time. Oh you just don’t know how happy I am.  And of course she is too with all her new duds.

8. Val Laird’s BOMs. YEA!!  I finished one!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Here's what going on in my little world...

With just so much going on it's hard to decide what to work on.  First, I did go shopping:
WhooHoo! I finally found some quilting gloves - I picked up the last ones on the shelf. And I had a Joann's 40% off coupon. I've been looking off and on for months, since May. I want these for A Few Scraps quilt along. I tried quilting once before and I know I need these. I just can't move that fabric with just my fingers.

And I was happy to find and purchase the topstitch sewing needles 90/14 that is also recommended on the supply list for the quilt along. I've been seeing a lot blogs with A Few Scraps' button and I'm excited to be going on this adventure with all of you.

And school started.  I'm taking two college classes.  So I've been reading these books:

So far they are both very interesting books - Thank goodness!  You know how hard it is to read a textbook when you would rather be sewing on:

For now it's back to reading my textbook.

Friday, August 20, 2010

It' Finished! - Maybe

Here's Scarlett's "First Day of School" outfit.  It's finished.  But I may make some bows/ties for tops of the sleeves out of the skirt fabric.  That won't take much time.  Then I hope to get a picture of Scarlett in it.  

Tonight I'm heading over to Paso Robles to meet my eldest DD to pick up my youngest daughter.  Vacation time is almost over for her.  School starts on Monday. 

A Few Scrap's Quilt Along (and Give-a-way)

I want to tell you about a new Quilt Along - only this one has a twist - It's a FREE MOTION Quilt Along.  I like Christina of A Few Scraps' idea - instead of using a quilt that we have put hours of work into - make a simple one to learn to practice free motion quilting on.   And she stated today that she's not expecting us to spend a lot of time on it each week, just 30 - 45 minutes!  I think I can do that!!  I'm really excited about this.  Oh I almost forgot she's having a give-a-way too.  So if you are interested, head on over there and sign up.  You can also find her button on my side bar.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

First Day of's coming soon

My little granddaughter, Scarlett will be going to Kindergarten this year.   And this material is just perfect for a First Day of School Dress, or Second Day or Third get the point.  I made the skirt and bought a yellow shirt.  But dang it - I forgot to take a picture of the skirt.  
Close up of material - it says PICK ME  PICK MEEEEE!   It's just too cute! And Violet helped me to sew it. She placed her little hand right beside mine as we guided the fabric through the sewing machine.  She's such a little doll.
I look kind of old in that picture - must be the granny glasses! LOL!! I'll post it anyway. And hopefully I'll have a picture of that skirt and Scarlett for my next post.  And here's a preview of what I hope to work with next. Not only is it cute - it glitters.  Girls love glittery stuff.  (Me Too!)

Monday, August 16, 2010


Did you know I have a variety of kids? Yep, grown ones and not so grown ones.  I have a daughter with three little kids, one of which is 8 months old.  So this daughter was taking a trip with my youngest daughter.  And along the way she told younger daughter there was too much water in the bottle. She needed only 8 oz to mix up a bottle of formula.  So younger daughter proceed to remove some of the water.....

Could it get any funnier than this??

I asked younger daughter "Why didn't you take off the lid and pour a bit out?" She just laughed and said she didn't think of that at the time.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Through the sewing room door....

Please excuse camera smudge.

This is the door to my sewing room.  I have NOT opened it since returning from Salinas.  And I reason why is because I don't want to work on any of those projects!   I'm just not in the mood for sewing.  Have you ever been that way?

I've been thinking maybe making a skirt for my granddaughter would get me in the mood.  I'll have to think about that one a little bit... no that didn't get me excited either.  LOL!!

But something gotta give and soon because I have some plants in there that I need to water.

Remember those CGQC goals - well one of them was to read EMMA with my family.  Well we are all finally have the book and have a reading schedule, 10 chapters per week.
To be honest with you I'm not enjoying that much.  I did just finish a very fast paced exciting book, so that might be part of it.  Of our family 2 do not like it, and 3 are enjoying it.  Maybe I just need to read a couple more chapters to really get into it.

And my good new is....drum roll please.. you will be so impressed with this.  Okay, maybe not but I'm sure pleased that I finished:  VAL LAIRD'S LOVE BOM!!!  ((clap, clap clap))  Thank you, Thank you.

You can't really see but I sewed little white beads around the vine and pink beads on the hearts.  I did really enjoy doing this block.

Okay enough about me - tell me about you.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Pets on Quilts

SewCalGal is having a contest:  Pets on Quilts.  It just doesn't get any better than that.   Quilts and adorable pets or quilts with pet themes - I just love it.  Okay so here's my entry. 

Of course it has to be Neptune.  Every time I lay down a quilt she's right there laying on it.  I often find her laying on my quilts chewing on her bones.   If I've told that dog once, I've told her a hundred times "Get off my quilt".   As you can see, temptation was too great for her.  Neptune trying to be good, but not being able to resist  - laid only her head on the quilt.   I love that dog!


Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Pictures taken in Salinas

While in visiting my daughter in Salinas, we decided to go for a little walk. Right across street from her is this little church, which she says she has never seen open.
And all around it are grave sites. They were not being well cared for.  There were broken headstones, and the graves were severely tipped as the ground is very unlevel.

Some were very interesting like this little one.  It was only about 18 inches tall.

And like this enclosed one.  Which was about 4 feet long.
Here's the back side - or maybe this was the front side.
They all have Mexican names except for this one.  He was born in Bath, England.
Which is where my husband's family is from so I took the picture.  I'm really not that much into going to old grave sites, but at least my daughter and I had fun.  And she said is planning a surprise for her younger sisters; she's taking them out there this Friday - which will be Friday the 13th.   I think they will get a kick out of it as it's bit spooky even in the daytime. 

Friday, August 6, 2010

Party Time - just not for me

I'm off on a little trip to take my daughter and her friend to my oldest daughter's house - just a little 3 1/2 trip to Salinas, Ca.   I'm really excited!  I love visiting with her and her husband.  It's so lovely there.
They are going to have so much fun for the next two weeks - you know they will stay up late and do all those things mom (Me) won't let them. 
They grow a lot of crops in Salinas.  There are fields all around, which I really enjoy seeing.  I think this is a field of cauliflower.   It's near the Pacific Coast so they have cool weather there to grow these kinds of crops.

During the two weeks they plan to visit Winchester Mystery House in San Jose.  How much fun that will be! 

Oh I suppose there's nothing quilty about this post.  Oh dear!  Well I won' t be doing anything quilty or any sewing this weekend.  Maybe Monday.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Charm Pack

Tonight is my friendship group.  Our assignment (if we choose to) is to get a charm pack and we will be having a sew along.  I went from store to store (I'm so lucky as we have 3 quilt shops, a Joann's, Beverly's and a Hancock's) looking for a charm pack.  I seldom go to Beverly's as it's kinda of far from the house.  But last Saturday I took my Mom-in-law and we couldn't believe our eyes. They were have some type of luau or Hawaiian Days.  The place was all decorated, sales girls in costumes; we played game and won prizes and discounts!  We were offered treats, fruit and coconut cookies (yum!).  It was a lot of fun. And so cool to do that with Mom-in-law!

Here's the charm pack I found.
I called Beverly's to see about getting some more fabric for the sashing or border  - I should have looked when I was there, but I was too distracted with all that fun!  The sales clerk said it's an old design and they don't carry it. 
I must admit, I've a bit surprised to learn it's an old design.  I thought I kept up with that stuff.  Oh well!  I'm not that disappointed, as this is how quilting works in my little world.  Don't have something: find something else and it ends up being better.