Friday, May 25, 2018

Plans A, B & Finally C

I had this pile of batting and I thought I could piece it together for Serena's quilt.

I measured her quilt.

And then my biggest piece of batting.

Hmmm... the rest of my pieces are really very small.

So on to plan B.  (We quilters always seem to have a plan B.)
My batting is folded in half - so there is plenty for this quilt. 

And as important as my little girl (and making her quilt ) is to me. I think this quilt will be a lot of fun. I like that there are different blocks with various shapes. It makes it easier and funner (I like that word funner) to quilt.

Those three dogs at the top of the quilt represent my own dogs.  I took the time to make them rat terriers - made sure the spots and colors matched my own little fur babies.  

It's been a while since I've freemotioned.  So I'll start with my place mats.
I bought the fabric in Hawaii and I've been using them for a couple years, but they need more quilting.  

Check out these lovely threads. So actually this is Plan C.  
 Plan C's are better. Right?

What I have been doing instead of quilting is coming home and making dinner - cleaning up and then sitting and watching TV with my new Honey.  Of course, I'll tire of that and start sewing more - but not yet I'm still in the honeymoon stage.

Happy Stitching,