Thursday, April 23, 2020

Frolic Update

 I've been sewing geese for the border of Frolic.
Of course one goose always wants to do it's own thing and get sewn with the blue on the left instead of the right.

 I think for the corners of the borders I'll do these blocks. 

And these are all those geese getting sewn up - four borders and four rows of geese being sewn at the same time so that I can chain piece them.

Happy Stitching,

Thursday, April 16, 2020

Little of This & That (Frolic, Walmart Fabric & Pantry)

I've been playing with the borders for frolic.  There is a good chance I'll change it from Bonnie's sawtooth design to flying geese.  I don't think she will mind at all.  I'm just wondering about matching all those points!

I needed to make some masks and while I was at Walmart stopped to see if they had some machine needles.

 Huh..that's a big NO.  There are none to be found. 
 Same for the fat quarters - out.  As are most of the precuts.

And look at the bolts!  Most of the fabrics in this picture are upholstery.  Just a few bolts of cotton left. 

And then I spied these empty cartons with upholstery fabric behind them. I also went by the thread display and there were only 5 spools left.
Yep, I would say Walmart is doing a bang up business.  

I thought I would show you my pantry now that I have it all back together.  I'm very happy with the yellow shelves. As you can see I don't stock many canned items. I do like the see through containers. The lids seal and that keeps the bugs out.  

Hopefully, you are all doing okay and taking care.

Thursday, April 2, 2020

Staying at Home

I love staying at home.  I go in to work once a week.
My boss asked if I wanted to come in twice a week.  Really???  Would anyone want to do that?  Honestly, I want to stay home so that I don't get sick or get Bruce sick.  

In the meanwhile, I have been super busy doing all kinds of projects.
A little bit on Frolic.  She's coming along so nicely.  

And we painted the garage.  Okay, not a project I wanted to do, BUT it sure is nice.  And worth the effort!


And after

It was so much work!

The next day Bruce put up shelves.

Of course I don't have a picture of the shelves - just one of Bruce working on them.
And I painted my pantry shelves a very light yellow.  Looks so much better.  They really needed to be painted.

So that's it for me.
I'll be working on Frolic again tonight.

Enjoy your stay at home time.
 Happy Sewing,