Friday, July 29, 2011

Stuff animals from "Make Your Own Toys"

Poor little Squirrel looks like he is the only one in a police line up.
Saying, "It wasn't me!  I didn't do it!"

I finally got the squirrel's eye on.  I forgot to sew on the nose and mouth.  I don't know how I could forget that!!!  But I'll get that done soon.

Next I need to sew up a deer.  And Serena selected this fabric. 

It's just so pretty I can't cut it!  If I have to cut it, at least is will be for a good reason, Serena.  Oh but it's so hard.

And she wanted this fabric too.  Oh it's so pretty.  I can't cut it either!  Goodness Gracious.  Why didn't she pick something ugly?

I did it.  Here they are all the pieces ready to be sewn up.

I have the sweetest co-worker. She saw me at break time having a hard time cutting. She offered to cut the fabric for the penguin.  Hmmm....maybe she was just tried of listening to me whine about cutting such pretty fabric. She asked how did I want to cut it, and I told her any way she felt like designing it.  She did an awesome job!  She decided to put the fancy flower fabric as the center of the chest.  This Penguin is going to be so cute!!

And for your viewing enjoyment; here's Scarlett's squirrel.

And here he is (or she is) after being stuffed.

I'm waiting for Scarlett so that she can help me sew him up.  It's more fun to have something you help to create.

So that's my stuffed animal post.  I haven't been working on the Civil War blocks.  I have the fabrics picked out but these stuffed animals have been a bit more fun.


Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Oh my I've been so busy I didn't even post what I did for the FNSI.

I've been in such a sewing dump.  And I was hoping that the FNSI would help and it did.  So I finished up these Wonky Block for the Block Lotto.  These will be donated, if they will have them!  That red one didn't turn out that great.

And I got all my background cut out for the feather star.  And I found some very fine thread to sew it up with, as required by Molly.

I don't have a picture of the black fabric - because who would want to see that?  So this one will have to do.

Here's the exciting part!!  I had my granddaughters over and they both picked out fabric for a little stuffed squirrel from Sue Haven's Make Your Own Toys.

I forgot to take a picture of the book so I borrowed this from Sue Haven's blog.
Sue had no idea when she wrote this book how much fun it would create for my family.

Violet - age 4, sewed the squirrel's tail.  Scarlett - age 6, stuffed the head while Serena - age 15 stuffed the body and Mark - age - well, lets just say over 21, sewed on the head.  The results:

Violet's Squirrel
We still have to add the eyes and nose.  I didn't have felt and buttons.

Next up will be Scarlett's Squirrel. 

And then a deer for Serena, a bunny for me, a monkey for Garrett and the list goes on and on!  They are so much fun!!!

The next morning I made circus waffles. 

Happy faces


Friday, July 22, 2011

Friday Night Sew-In

Oh do I ever need this one!  I'm moving so slowly on my projects maybe this will light the fire under me.  LOL!!! 

Come join us and link up with Handmade by Heidi and have some sewing fun!


Thursday, July 21, 2011

Chuys and a bit of cutting

I love these colors!!!

I did get some cutting done.  Not much.

Because first I hopped on the back and took off with Hubby.
It's so hot here.  But when we are on the bike with the wind in our faces - it wonderfully cool.

And off we went to Chuy's, the Wednesday Night Hang Out for Bikers.

They have special parking for us'ins

First stop for me is the chip stand - free chips and salsa.  Yummm

Meanwhile hubby orders our Mesquite grilled fish. It's the real reason we come.

Okay - it's doesn't look the best being on a toss away plate - but it is!!! 

Back to the pieces I cut. They are all so little!  
I can't wait to cut the background pieces and get sewing!!


Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Blocks and bikes

Okay it's not much - just 32 squares cut.  Little by little... it is going to get done.  Molly says not to stress over this block - that she is going to help us ride this horse home.  (Isn't that saying cute?) 

I sort of want to work on it tonight after work - but my hubby and I have a different kind of horse we would like to ride.  Our iron horse.

View from our bike
We plan to ride the motorcycle to a local restaurant.  They have the best fish dinners on Wednesdays.  My mouth is already watering.  LOL!!!

And just in case you are wondering - I don't ride myself.  Only behind my hubby.  Not after I rode a bike through a fence.  It seemed like the best option since I didn't know where the brakes were and on the other side was a deep ditch.  Hahaha!!!

So...since we usually don't hang out there too long. I might get some more cutting done. 


Monday, July 18, 2011

baby steps until it's done

I'm working slowly on the feathered star block.

All I did yesterday was cut two 10 inch squares - and cut bias strips, that seemed like a lot so I quit.  Later in the evening, I sewed them up and took a picture outside on the cement (so the colors would show more true.) 

Isn't this strange?  Doesn't look like it's going to part of a feathered star.

Here's what happens next.

Little squares are cut.  Isn't this a cool method?  So much better than sewing up 1 1/2 inch squares! 

That's all for now. 

Have fun sewing!


Friday, July 15, 2011

Wonky Blocks for Block Lotto

These are my wonky blocks for the Block Lotto. Do you think they are too Wonky? I don't know. Wonky and me just don't go together. Although, actually all my blocks are a bit wonky! Shh...don't tell the quilt police!

The funny thing is, looking at these blocks actually make me a bit seasick. Which is just hilarious since I never get seasick or carsick! I can read in the car driving on a windy road and not get carsick.

I hope to make a few more in different colors.  I planned to just donate them, but my daughter saw them and loved them.  So if I do win, I'll make her help me sew them up!!!  

Oh and did I say they were fun to do? 


Thursday, July 14, 2011


I did it I finished the block!   And I didn't go buy any Cheetos!  Yippee for me!  This is my favorite block so far.  I think I say that after each block.  This was cut from two fabrics, black and then a strip that gradually went from pink to purple.  Those variations turned out pretty cool. huh?

I did go shopping with my sister to Hancock's for the flag she is making.  I thought while I was there I would pick up some WOW (White on White) for the Block Lotto.  You are never going to believe this. They had none.  Yes, you read the right. N O N E.   What fabric shop is out of white??? 

Oh well, no complains I'll just have to go shopping today at a different fabric store.   

Wait I have on more thing to say.  I even asked when they would be getting the next shipment of fabric in and she said they just got it this morning and everything was unpacked and on the floor.  Next one is due in two weeks.   Bless their hearts, they need some help. 


Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Sewing and Cheetos

Last night I started to work on Angela's block.  After sewing the first seam - I realized it wasn't lined up right. One of the problem with doing these blocks is having to figure out where to line up the pieces.

Having to rip out the first seam was NOT good. 

So, I grabbed my daughter's
I don't even like these.  They are not as cheesy as normal Cheetos.  But what's a girl to do when she is totally frustrated and on the very first seam that she has sewn!!

If I could have, I would have been like this

only with the good kind of Cheetos.  And I would have eaten very one of them!!

So after sitting on the couch for a while, crunching on Styrofoam tasting puffcorn, I finally went back to the block and tried again.

And look what I did?

Half of the block!!  WhooHoo!!  Then I realized I had not counted all the little black triangles correctly.  I counted 5 per 1/4 of the block and actually there are 7.  So tonight I'll be cutting out a few more triangles unless I go shopping for better Cheetos.  


Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Deciding on 4 patch poise fabric

I have the 4 patch poise class coming up this Saturday.

I'm thinking about using this fabric. 

I want to make my sister a quilt and she loves blue and she loves butterflies.

Or I have this fabric. 

I really like this - and I feel in the mood to work with some red, bright colors.  But I don't know with fabric would be better for the pattern. 

And then I have this one too - but I'm really not sure about it.  I think it would work better as a One Block Wonder. 

Deciding on fabric one of the joys of quilting.


Monday, July 11, 2011

I love selecting fabrics

I started playing around with some purple fabrics for the feathered star. I liked this combination.

Or even this one.

Then I remembered I was going to use this very little lavender (looks white) and this blue

But no - I'm not digging that!  Get that blue out of there.

Okay this one I really like.  The very light fabrics will be up next to the black background making a sharp contrast.

The the wild pink and silver will be smaller triangles - so it might work.

I'll think about those for a bit and maybe cut them out tomorrow.

I did get the next block cut out.   Another Knockout Block by Judy Martin.  I seem to have a thing for these blocks.  As my grandmother used to say, "a glutton for punishment".  LOL!

I was a bit tired when I finished cutting.  I looked around; I wasn't the only one pooped out.

and this one too....

Awe.... too tired to even chew that bone.

Okay, later gater....


Friday, July 8, 2011

July goals

I figure I better make these at the beginning of the month instead of the middle - or worse the end of the month.  

1st  I'm going to continue to work on Angela's quilt.  I think I have only two more blocks to make and then it's on to the setting of the blocks.

Which includes this feather block, a challenge for me.   I'm working on (which is just thinking) about a really cool setting.  Oh I can't wait!!!  It's going to turn out so good. 

2nd (and this will not come as a surprise) I'm going to continue with the Civil War block.  We are half way through the series of blocks - half way through the year! I'm all caught up.  This weeks is the Irish Chain Block but I was already going to use that as an alternating block between the Civil War Blocks.  So I guess when I make those - I'll be making quite a few. 

Block #26  Barbara Frietchie Star

My 3rd goal for this month is Block Lotto

I'm going to be honest with you.  Wonky makes me dizzy and all out of sorts.  So of course I'll give this block a try.  Maybe I'll change my mind. 

And my exciting 4th goal is taking a class at my local quilt shop.  We will be making a 4-patch poise.  I've had the pattern for couple years. I can't wait. 

Now for my question.  Do you do better with goals or without? And does it matter if you write them down or not?


Thursday, July 7, 2011

Never lose your SS Card & Judy's Knockout Blocks

Listen, never lose your Social Security Card - or worst your kid's card.

I've already spent two lunch hours down there trying to get a duplicate card for my daughter.  She will be turning 16 soon - and we all know she's going to want a job.  Each time we go the SS people tell us we need something different!

The first time I had the form all filled out.  But then the local SS office said we needed a picture ID for her.  So we left and a couple days later came back with last years - 2010's student ID.  After waiting my whole lunch hour, the SS guy said No, that wasn't good enough; we needed an insurance card too. 

So I went back to work - and they went to get the insurance card at home and then back to the SS office.
In the meanwhile I called the SS 1-800 number.  And guess what - they can take that ID.  She said we should just talk to the manager.  Of course when they went back they got a different clerk and didn't need that insurance card! Oh well. 

Well, one good part was, when we left they had just called #270  and when Mark and Serena returned (45 minutes later)  they had just called #272 (our number!).

Okay now for your viewing enjoyment:  I finished this Knockout Block of Judy Martin's up last night.

Judy Martin's Knockout Block - Virgina Star

Doesn't it look lovely with this one?

Judy Martin's Knockout Block aka the HARDEST block EV ER!

The Virgina Star block was much easier that the Hardest block ever - it was a little challenging as there are no real instructions and I wasn't sure where to line of some of the pieces.  And as I was sewing I realized I had lost a triangle!  I really do think I cut it out but I still haven't found it.  LOL!!

I also worked on my Civil War block - but didn't quite finish it.  Almost, but no cigar.

Have fun sewing on your projects.

Oh one last thing.  Have you heard about Anna Lena's quilt along?  Bow Tie blocks and 3D Bow Tie blocks. How fun does that sound?  She has it set up to sew one per day for the summer.  (It started on June 21st)  So that's not too many to catch up on. 

Okay now go have fun sewing!