Thursday, July 23, 2020

New (and not so good) Design Board

Ugh! Not every project is a hit.
This one is certainly not.
I watched Lori Holt's tutorial, and my first try is a bit wonky.

I was a little discouraged.  Although it does serve it's purpose. 
 I'm going to watch her Youtube video again and give it another try.

Cuz, we know we quilters always try again!
(and again, and again, and again - hahaha)

Hoping my next post is with a much better design board.

Happy Stitching,

 Before you go, I have something else to share.
Before and after pictures of my little Marzipan.

BEFORE: Obviously

After: Wow! - what a haircut can do! 
 The real Marzipan or Marzi-pants as we call her 
 is a goof ball.
Okay - thanks for reading.

Now let's get on with our day.

Monday, July 13, 2020

No More "Too Hot to Handle"

You know when the stars align and everything clicks?

After saying for years I would make myself a potholder I finally did.
I have needed one for YEARS.

I saw Kimberly Jolly doing a tutorial on the Lori Holt paper piecing Economy Block.  Oh it looked like so much fun.

I don't know how to do the link - but you can search YouTube for it. 

First I had to find some Cute and Fun fabric. 
Yes, little ladybugs will do.

I don't usually paper piece. So I had to do a lot of "unstitching" and I even cut off one of the triangles!  Oh Dear - that was another "redo". 

But in the end....Happiness!

I used two squares of insulbright batting. I do hope that will be enough.
Such a little square to put binding on. I didn't know where to start!

Binding on - now to flip it over and hand stitch it to the back. 

All done! And why did it take me so long? 

Happy Stitching,