Wednesday, February 21, 2024

What Happened?


Just life. That's what. Yep, it took me this long to finally get back to this blog.

It's been a rough year two years - but it's also been a good two years.
Adjusting to moving and not being the type of mom I used to be has been much harder on me that I thought.  I'm used to being with my children (even though they are adults) and seeing them, laughing with them.  But distance makes that so much harder. 

Lets talk quilts for a minute.

Look! I did it!

I FINALLY decided on a plan and actually made Rosanna's quilt.  This quilt panel (middle six pictures) had been in my drawer for years, really a decade or more.

UGH!  How could any quilt be so hard!

Well, for one thing Rosanna doesn't like geomatic shapes - no flying geese, or square in a square blocks for her!  So playing on the curves of her art and the art of Van Gosh I created more blocks of gentle curves.  Rather landscapish if you ask me.

Wah La!  It all came together and I LOVE it.

One of the best things to happen since I last posted is this little guy.


My newest little grandson.  He is so adorable!
I also got to spend time with him and his parents when they moved from Denver to Ohio.
It was a blast!  A lot of work - but wonderful memories. 

I did make him a quilt for his first birthday - hey there's no hurry to get these quilts done quickly! His mama likes neutral colors and was thrilled with it.

Dogs wearing Pjs

Yep I do love those sharks by Elizabeth Hartman.  I made this quilt for a different grandson.  Mostly I made it because I wanted to.  Her pattern instructions were scary to look at but once I started in, it was quite easy and fun.  Honestly I would love to make another. 

Okay enough for today.  
Love you all,
Linda in Arkansas