Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Next Steps on Projects

I need help and this is all I'm going to get:
a list of my projects and the next step needed.

Serena's Quilt
    Buy backing fabric & prewash
    Sew together, Iron & Starch fabric
    Tape and Pin quilt
    Start quilting

Doggie Quilt
    Check out Local quilt store and Beverly's for backing fabric.
    Decide on fabric and buy it. 
Stupid Ugly Turtle Quilt 
     Pull it off the shelf and either toss (I mean Salvation Army) or take off that binding and redo it.

Now I need a deadline..... how about...July 31th. 
       I should have the Stupid Turtle Quilt decision made.
       And I should have at least gone to Beverly's fabric for the Doggie Quilt.
       And maybe, just maybe I will have bought the backing for Serena's.

Happy Stitching,

Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Pockets, Pockets, Oh Dear More Pockets

Somebody (Mr. New Honey) figured out that if I could sew I could make pockets.

Little does he know that I can make pockets - but I don't sew on knits.
Well, I got my ballpoint needle and set to making 10 pockets on t-shirts.
Really?  Can't we just go buy pocket Tees? 

I put my quilt making skills to use and cut out double pockets, so I could sew the top hem as one continuous line.
And then cut apart.  
Yes!!  I love me some time saving techniques.

I didn't have any troubles getting all 10 pockets sewn and Mr New Honey was quite pleased.
So I can't complain. (Or can I?)

And this past weekend was the same as all my summertime weekends. 
Family over for pool and BBQ.

I really love having a pool.  And to think I didn't even want Mark to put it in.  

This is my mother's swing (glider? Rocker?) that she had in her yard. I brought to my house last year. She had told me that she would go out in her yard, sit, read her bible and pray.
I was missing her last week. I looked out and saw birds all over it.  They had not done this before. Well, not that I have ever seen before. 
 My mother loved birds.  Well many of us do.  Do you see them all over the seat too?  They are so cute.

Happy Stitching,

Monday, July 16, 2018

Mr.Hedgehog & Silly Cows

I've been working on my little Hedgehog.
I think I'm almost done.
 I think he needs one more quill added above his eye. And Serena thinks he needs his quills lengthen at the bottom up towards his eyes.  
What's your opinion?  

And what should I do with this? (It is on a 5 inch square.)  I feel like a have to make it into something or my New Honey will think know I'm a nut.  

Also I put my stove grates in bags with ammonia for several days.
I only did two at a time.  I wasn't planning on leaving them that long but I didn't have time to mess with them.
They turned out so nice!  I only had to rinse them!
I love when things magically clean themselves! 

And lastly, here a picture of my family dressed as cows for Cow Day
at Chick-fil-a.
We do this every year. So silly, but we have so much fun.   
So enough about me.  What's new with you?

Happy Stitching,