Friday, January 7, 2022

Word up 2022

Well Hello January!

I'm ready to see what kind of year this will be.  I haven't had much interest in sewing or quilting.  I've been spending time making a home here.  It's a rural area so I thought I would use my time in my sewing room, but that hasn't happened.  I have been working on a Burcilla stocking for my son-in-law.  

Some of the items for the stocking are so darn tiny! It will be ready for next Christmas.

  Next Thursday I plan to attend the meeting at the local guild. Hopefully, this will help me with getting back into sewing and make some friends. 

I'm still working ever so slowly on the Bats and Boos Quilt. Geez can you believe it's taking this long?

My WORD UP ought to be HURRY.  But I decided on TRUST. 

I trust God is working things out for me with this move.  That I will adjust, find some friends, enjoy my sewing again.  And I trust Him that He has good things in store for us here.  

Let me know your Word up and 

Happy Sewing,