Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Finally, after months

of wedding, moving and cleaning, I have time to think about sewing and crafting.

It sort of sneaks in here and there. Usually right before I fall asleep.  Just a little thought about colors, blocks or a quilting design.

Before I went to China I gathered up a couple fabrics and threads. I found this cutest little container at Joann's.  Little enough to go in my suitcase or purse. 
 I thought I could work on this while on the bus tour.  I asked my daughter to outline a hedgehog for my youngest girl. (I got the idea from someone on pinterest - I want to give credit where it is due - but I don't know her name and can't find the pin again.)

I only did the nose while on the trip.  Hahaha

But last night I actually felt relaxed enough to work on it.
Didn't get far but that's okay. 
So far he looks a little silly. 
Of course if I said he was a she, then she's looking fine.

In other crafty news - check this out. 
I was waiting for my friend at the restaurant and this image was on the ketchup bottle. I couldn't believe I could do this.
This is my first attempt - all without lifting my pen.
Okay - we can say she not fine - rather homely - but at least the proportions are fairly correct.

Happy Stitching, 
Non-sewing Linda

Friday, April 13, 2018

Just in case you were wondering - Yes, we did it.

We got married!

We had only family at the wedding which worked out wonderfully.
I had one sister to the photography, another do the flowers, and had my little 
granddaughter, Lily as the flower girl.  She was SO EXCITED to have such a fun and important job.  She danced all the way back to her seat. 

I loved the way our wedding cake turned out.  (I saw something similar on Pinterest and did hire someone to make it.)
My daughters and I did the arbor and I think it turned out nicely.

It was Bruce's desire to have a big BBQ after our ceremony.  My backyard was the perfect place.  (Now it's "our" backyard.)  Bruce knew that I wouldn't want to leave that pool in the summer time and stay in his house. So his is up for sale

We had a wonderful honeymoon at the beach. 
We went back to the place that Bruce proposed to me.
Walked along the wooden pier - I just love wooden piers. 

 There's just something about sitting, soaking up the warmth and watching the waves.

We also spent some of our honeymoon time doing this
I had an over crowded house.  My garage was stuffed with furniture, boxes, tools anything and everything you could think of.  Then Bruce had his three bedroom house to combine with mine. 

The only answer..
We had the BIGGEST sale. My three car garage was PACKED!

Sold tons of stuff, gave away tons of stuff and then called out Salvation Army to take the rest.

Now my garage is almost empty.

Most of the house had been reorganized. 
It feels so good to not have that burden of "stuff" anymore.

By the way Bruce is the real organizer.  I used to be pretty good, but over the years have lost the ability.  Although I never would have held a candle to him.

Our plan is to continue working on it Saturday.

So no sewing for me for a while,

In the meanwhile, I'll just enjoy the projects I see you working on.