Saturday, February 28, 2015

Chiaverini's Book Mrs Grant and Madame Jule

 I just have to tell you about this book that I'm reading.  I so enjoy Chiaverini's books; I've read almost of all them.  I also love history and books about the Civil War.  So, when Chiaverini's people invited me to review her newest book, I jumped at the chance.

That aside - it really is a excellant book and I'm thoroughly enjoying it.  It's about Julia, who will eventually marry Uylsses Grant,  and her slave Jule.   As you know Grant is a Unionist from the North and obviously Julia is from the south.  The story begins before the Civil War so we are able to envision how life has shaped the characters and the changes they go through. 

Chiaverini is so good at bringing her characters to life and running with a story, I just get lost in it.  I wish didn't have to work for a living and could stay home a finish this book!  LOL 

Happy Stitching and Reading. 

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Kauai Adventure (Part 2)

So to continue with our Kauai adventure...
We also saw these wild Kauai little piglets - they were only about 6 inches high.  As the ran through the field with their Mama and Papa they bounced - just like little bunnies. They were just the cutest little things. 

Kauai has some strange looking trees - these have roots that are growing downward from the trunk.  
Let me show you a close up:
Wouldn't you agree that is strange?

We also took the time to fly in a helicopter around the island.  
I didn't even try to count how many waterfalls we saw.   

We saw wonderful coastlines - so enchanting.

Later we rode around the island just stopping here and there, getting out and enjoying the beach or stopping to shop a bit.
Look - Do you see that chicken? Really?  A chicken on the beach??
I just cracked up when I realized I had him er...her in the picture.  Oh, by the way, we had this whole beach to ourselves, except for the chicken.  hahaha

We had stopped at McDonald's for a coke.  Yea, cuz even in Hawaii we do the same things we do at home. LOL  And they have Hot Taro Pies - you know like the Hot Apple Pies here. 
Well, of course we had to try them - yummy!

As we made our way around the island, we came across the look out point of taro fields.  Yep, that's me - I had to have a picture with those taro fields. 
By the way - I love that Kukui nut necklace - We each won one because we were married the longest at a presentation the night before. 

Okay - so that's about it for now.  I did do some shopping - and I'll tell you about that later.  You do want to hear about the fabric and fabric shop, don't you?

Happy Aloha Stitching,

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Kauai Vacation (Part 1)

Oh my Gosh, Vacation is just the Bestest!
And going to Kauai was really a dream come true.
So I took a picture of us on the plane on our way to our Bestest Vacation.
 This trip was for our 21st anniversary.  Which was suppose to be for our 20th - (last year) however, our precious little Lily was born instead. 

First thing - we got our rental car.
My husband was so thrilled with a convertible. Yeah - and I'm going to admit it was fun!

Every morning we took a walk on the beach  (right outside our hotel) and watched the sunrise.  I loved the air and the breeze.  The ocean was warm and the weather was perfect.   

We stayed at the Plantation Hale.  
Mark in front our hotel, Plantation Hale
Loved this hotel!   The registration and lobby was outside.  That really threw me for a loop - but I guess if the weather is that lovely - outdoors is the way to go. 

The fun thing about Kauai are the roosters.  
They roam the island.  We would see them along the side of the highway,  in the parking lot, near the beach and they are so pretty.
For all the roosters and chickens we saw, I never did see chicken poop.  

We also took a boat ride up to the Fern Grotto. (Grotto mean shallow cave)
Which if you look is that dark spot in the center of the picture is the cave with fern growing all around.  Apparently it's pretty big inside as people were married in there.  But a mud slide a couple years ago has made it too dangerous to access. 
We were entertained by the Smith Family.  One of the musicians was in the movie, Blue Hawaiian with Elvis Presley.   Such beautiful music and dancing. 

The people of Kauai are so friendly. We were a bit late for the boat ride, but not problem they just waited for us to go get our tickets and come back down to the boat.  (That just doesn't happen where I'm from.)

Okay I'm going to stop here and tell you more about our adventure in the next post. 

Happy Aloha Stitching

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

January's Civil War Finish - Drop and Give Me Twenty

I was so excited to when I finished the borders on this quilt.  And in time to take it to my Friendship Group.  
I love this quilt - I'm excited because I sort of designed it.  You know, except for the blocks that I got from Barbara's Civil War Block of the Week, and stealing the Irish Chain idea, and stealing the light and dark courthouse steps, and stealing the idea of a flowered border and then stealing the Rose of Sharon flower.  Hahaha!  But they were all on different quilts and all together (along with my choices for the fabrics) it makes it MY quilt. 

So next step is to quilt it, but I'm going to work on a Ryan McKenna wall hanging next.  

This is February.  Are you aware that Quilting Hottie Haven's Drop and Give Me Twenty is going on?

This is my official notice that I'm joining Miss Hottie since I love to see finished quilts. I Promise to quilt every day I can. And on those days that I can't (taking a machine to Kauai just isn't going to work) I'll think about quilting, or plan quilts or look at nature to get ideas.  And be thankful that God has given me such a wonderful hobby with such sweet online friends. 

Thanks Miss Quilting Hottie for encouraging us to quilt for 20 minutes a day.  You are so clever to have started this!

Happy February Stitching for a least 20 minutes,