Friday, January 27, 2012

Update on Quilting my Queen

Here's my update to what's under my needle.  And a bit of Troy thrown in for fun. 

I really wasn't sure how this Queen was going to be to quilt. Would it fit under my home sewing machine?  Would I get lost in all that fabric as I quilted. Would I want to tear my hair out? Would the quilting even look good after I did all that work?
I had been assured by one of the finest quilters in all the land, Cindy Seitz-Krug, that I didn't need to to worry about the whole quilt but the part that is under the needle. So... I'm just saying, if Cindy says to not worry - I'm not going to worry.  She did show us how she maneuvers those big quilts and keeps them from pulling as she's quilting.  So I haven't had any problems like that.    
Troy's not worried about the quilting either
So far so good. In fact it's going very smoothly. I've been faithfully - and yes faithfully is important because that's how one gets it done - quilting each day for at least two hours. But unfortunately that doesn't make for good blog conversation or for pictures as it's all the same.  LOL!!

Is it true that using "LOL" is now out of date?  

It was my goal to have this quilted by Jan. 31st.  I no longer think that will happen.  It's hard for me to accept that.  Is it hard on you when you don't meet your goals?  Well, I suppose I didn't say which year I would finish it!  LOL!!

Happy Sewing,
Nicey Linda

Monday, January 23, 2012

Under my needle

Here's what under the needle of my sewing machine.  I'm quilting the Batik Jewels.  Sunny Bec of  Living the Dream is doing the same pattern by Moda and it's called Sunkissed Jewel Box.

I purchased this at the Road to California show a few years ago, from Sew Batiks. They are the nicest people (can you guess where they are located - yep, North Dakota!) The gal working the booth was so very nice even though she was busy beyond belief!  There were so many customers she couldn't even eat a bit of her lunch.  I purchased a queen size quilt which they didn't have on hand so they shipped it to me.  There was a bit of confusion with the order. And when I called, the gals at the shop were so very helpful and we quickly came to an agreement. Top rate service!

The quality and colors of the fabrics are wonderful!  I loved every moment of working with these fabrics. The instructions for the kit were very easy to follow.  I'm very pleased with the shop and highly recommend them.

So, as I do with every kit I buy, I traded out the background fabric and added a few more batiks and made it more into "my own" quilt.

I decided to quilt with light pink on the back - the quilt will have a pink batik binding.

Isn't this the prettiest pink thread?  I don't have anything pink. This is embroidery thread and it has a pretty sheen to it.

I'm so excited about getting this quilt done.  I wanted to get 1/4 of the foundation quilting finished by last night. (I don't think I quite accomplished that - but almost!!)  I'm doing a stitch in the ditch on the Irish Chain part of the quilt.  It's so busy with those little white circles, I feel it needs a calm design. I'll do something different to the jewel boxes.

Happy Sewing,
Nicey Linda

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Friday Night Sew in Results

Are you surprised to see me posting on Saturday about my Friday Night Sew-in results?  Boy oh Boy I sure am!!

So here's what happened.

Hubby very graciously volunteered to help me by ironing the backing for my quilt.

I was a bit tired and just sat back enjoying the life of leisure.
This was my world last night; me and KitKat watching.  (It was so fun)

Then we had to run to WalMart to buy some blue painter's tape and a few other thing like cereal and milk.  Unbelievably it took us only 15 minutes to spend $73.00. 

So after ironing and pinning we now have the quilt sandwiched. 

And this morning I'll start quilting it.

Happy Sewing,

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Hello Sun - 1st Block Finished

I started working on the Hello Sun Quilt Along.
I have the coolest shiny gold thread.
I really like the way it looks.  
Too bad my sun is kind of crooked. (Just ignore that okay?)

I also had shiny silver thread.  Shiny is so much fun. 
I told Hubby, when he saw my finished block he would be running to the
store to buy me more shiny threads.
Do you like it?

Then I used shiny copper for the arms.  And on the hat band. 
I  made his nose a little small, I thought about redoing it.  But...just didn't. 
I used beads for the eyes. I thought they had a coal looking quality about  them.
And the sun - I gave him some personality.  He looks ready for a cereal commercial!

This one was so much fun to make.
I forgot to give him a mouth.  Did you notice that?  
I didn't notice until now. 
Do you think I should give him one?

Happy Sewing,
Wait!!  I forgot to say this Friday is FRIDAY NIGHT SEW IN!
I'm going to be sewing, but what do you want to bet I get busy
and can't post on Saturday.
Now, once again...Happy Sewing,

Friday, January 13, 2012

Quokka Quilts Give-Away

Quokka Quilts is having a fun Give-Away
Fat Qtr Shop is offering 15 half yards!

Wow!  That's a great give-away.
To read all about it, get the low down on the rules and pick your dream bundle
go to Quokka Quilts

You have until Jan 15th.

I love these fabrics that I found at the Fat Qtr Shop. Pretty Huh?

Happy Sewing,

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Word Up 2012

Did you do the Word Up last year?  

How did it go?

My word last year was PEACE.  I was interested in the Peace that God gives.  The one that creates a calm inside that just doesn't get shaken no matter what is happening on the outside.  It was a good focus word. When I focus on God instead of circumstances I do have Peace.  

This year I was surprised at my word.

It was just sort of there, and I was thinking about it occasionally.  Then I realized, Hey This is my word!
My reasons for Nicey?  You want know that?  Well, Nicey is just more fun to say than nice - and Nicey Jane is such pretty fabric.  Something easy to visualize.  

I would like to focus on being nicer (maybe meeting the people in Wyoming and South Dakota had something to do with this?) I want to always help people to feel comfortable and welcome.  So we shall see as I focus on the word for the year the changes it creates.  

Is there a word you would like to focus on this year?  Come join us this year doing Word Up.  

Monday, January 9, 2012

January 2012 Goals

I found that having goals for the month has really helped me to stay focused and get some of those projects completed!  I love having goals.  And if I don't finish them - no worries!  There's always another month or another year.  :-) 

Judy of Patchwork Times pick #5  for the UFO Challenge.  That's my Batik Jewels.  I pulled it out of the closet while my granddaughter, Violet was over.  I told her I was going to take some pictures of the quilt - she ran over and started dancing on top of it!  I guess she's right, that no quilt should be photographed without a dancing pixie!
And maybe a dog also?
The quilt is quite large for quilting on my home machine.  
I've never tried to quilt anything this large before. Scary huh?  But I don't have to worry about it just yet.  Because I don't have the batting and it will not be on sale until January 15th.  (That's 6 more days til I have to face this! Yea!)  Any ideas on how I should quilt this?

In the meanwhile, we've finished up the puzzle.  
So now there is room to pull out the sewing machine and get started on some sewing projects.  

I'm going to try to make the following blocks:
January Block for Hello Sun.
One (maybe two) of the Building Houses blocks.
Since I'm starting these two new projects I'll link up with the NewFO Challenge.  
I wasn't even going to work on Barbara's Civil War quilt this year.  I was just going to let it turn into a UFO.  But as I was shopping I found these lovely fabrics.  They were calling my name - telling me to buy them and use them as alternating block.  I hope to make up a couple of blocks and see if I like them. 
That's really more than enough for one month.

I also have Sunny's Stay at Home Round Robin to work on.
I have to figure out what I want to do with it.  I might just think about this one this month and sew on it next month.  

And I'll be helping Hubby with his "birds" or as I like to call them, flying geese. 

Happy Sewing,

Friday, January 6, 2012

New Year - New Choices Part 2

Oh dear, I missed Sue's (Of Quilt Times) Star Quilt Along.  Hers is a a little different, you provide your own star pattern you wish to make, but make it with everyone else. This one looks like too much fun to miss.
Thanks Sue!
And since yesterday I found this Made in Cherry Quilt Along at Pins & Bobbins.
Oh Fransson is doing a Sparkle Punch Quilt Along.
Sew Happy Quilt Along. This one is a mixed sampler.
And Jeanneke is doing Building Houses from Scraps Quilt Along. This Blog is in Dutch and English and she has extended the sign up until Jan.16th. And I think the pattern is only available until then too. Her plan is to do 365 of these little houses and one large one (since 2012 is a leap year). 

I think I would like the smaller wall version I found on her regular blog, Jeanneke's Blog.

I really thought this was such a cute idea - A NewFO Challenge from Cat Patches.

So many cool things to do.  Are you tempted by any of them?

No sewing was done at my house, just working on the puzzle.

Happy Sewing - or if you are like me, Happy Not Sewing, 

Thursday, January 5, 2012

New Year - New Choices

As the old year closes we get to reflect on what we have done in the past, think about our accomplishments.  

Well, this picture is all I'm going to say about my  2011 accomplishments. 
 These are my empty spools from last year.
Empty Spools means Quilting FUN!

New Year, New Choices.  Who wouldn't love that?

So now I'm thinking about this new year and what fun projects I would like to start as I'm finishing up my UFO's from previous years.

Fat Cat Patterns is having a Chicken BOM
Sew Gal Gal is doing the Free Motion Quilting Challenge.  
Jenny of Elefantz is doing a BOM, Promises and Borders.
Just Takes 2 has a fun quilt just starting up.
Vicki Welsh has her Color Palette Challenge and a Color lesson each Friday.
One Piece at a Time will start her new BOM in Mid January.
2011 BOM by One Piece at a Time
Leah's Free Motion Quilting on Wednesdays.

And Bunny Hill has just started a Scrappy Plate Club Quilt.

I know there are many other online projects out there.   I'm not sure which one I'll do.  What about you?  Have you found a new project for the year?

In the meanwhile I haven't been doing any sewing at all.  Instead I've been doing some puzzles.
To me puzzles and quilt are alike, putting pieces back together.  I'll be back to sewing before long.

I hope 2012 is everything you wish it to be.