Thursday, March 28, 2013

Goals for April & Book Giveaway

My First Goal for April is to have Fun!
April is my Birthday Month so it's my favorite.

I bet you would rather hear about the Giveaway first - Right?

Jennifer Chiaverini's book The Giving Quilt is now in paperback
and to celebrate she is sponsoring this giveaway..

I have two books to giveaway and some pins - I think it would be nice if one of these books went to one of my followers. You know the drill - just leave a comment.
 (If you would like to be a  follower - it's easy with the Bloglovin Button.)

In "The Giving Quilt" the characters come together for a week of quilting for charity, Project Linus. I like the way Chiaverini has the characters interact and develop; finding solutions to their problems. I do find the book very entertaining and I highly recommend this book.  It is a lovely "sit by the fire and enjoy reading" type of book. I did a review here.

Now on to April Goals. 

Goal #1. Sew the Second Border on to my Civil War Quilt.
Goal # 2. Turn these bit of pieces of fabric into Terrier Town BOM #3

Goal #3. Turn these fabrics in Sulky Threads' BOM #3

Goal #4. Chose and sew up a 6 inch block for Angela's Quilt.

New Projects I May Start:  ( because what's life without new projects? )
 A quilt for my soon to be grad - Serena
Texas Teardrop Quilt-along

Happy April Stitching,

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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

How's This for March Happiness?

Finish #1 
Terrier Town BOM #2

Finish #2
Sulky BOM #2

Finish #3
1st Border added to Civil War Quilt

Finish #4
Last of the 12 inch block for Angela

All my March goals are finished! Yea!  I'm really enjoying having only four goals per month - that's one per week.  So doable!

I'm going to be starting a new project this week.
As you can see it's a bit chewed up - so for all you teachers out there, if the student says their dog ate their homework - it's probably true!  I really don't know why my dog - age 8 suddenly decided to chew this up. She hasn't done anything like this since she was a pup.  At least she didn't chew up the felt, only the picture. 

Happy Stitching,
Nicey Linda

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Friday, March 22, 2013

Moms Can Do Anything - My Friday Funny

Today at lunch my daughter shows me her hat (see the little cow? we were at Chick-Fil-A) and shows me the hole in it. She asked if I could sew it up. "Sure" I say. 

"Well. Could you do it right now?" She asks.

"Uh - No. I don't have a needle and thread on me".

To which she asks:
"Can't you use your teeth?" 


Happy Stitching - And Hopefully Not with Your Teeth!

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

No Progress - And Texas Teardrop QAL

Have you noticed that I haven't posted my progress on my blocks.  I just don't know what's wrong that I'm not working on them.  I was thinking this morning, "I'm just in a slump - nothing a new project wouldn't cure."   I told myself  "NO - No new projects."   (Just between you and me, I'm not a very listener.)

And then I read a blog post at Down the Avenue, where I saw this Texas Teardrops Quilt Along by Vicki at Quilting Lodge.
 I'm really excited about this so don't go busting my bubble by reminding me I just said "no new projects"!

Okay you have to admit that it's a really pretty and unique quilt.  Are you with me on this?  Shall we do this one?  It starts in April and Vicki has a flicker group for it.

Nicey Linda

Monday, March 18, 2013

Changing Google Reader to Bloglovin

Since Google reader is quitting on us I discovered Bloglovin.  I like it better. Yay!  It's seems it's the most popular one too.

So if you would please click on the link to follow me 

And if you have a blog you can claim your blog too. Once I signed in, I saw my name in the upper right corner, clicked it and saw something about claim your blog (Sorry I don't remember exactly). But it was very easy.  I hope you all find it as easy as I did. 


Friday, March 8, 2013

I'm a Spread the Love blog hop Winner!

Shall I start at the beginning?  I found this cool blog by Julianna Gasiorowska, Sewing under the Rainbow.  I really want you to check it out.  I'll wait - there's plenty to look at so don't forget to come back!

See, I was right, wasn't I?  She' got a great blog.  So I entered the Spread the Love Blog Hop and WON!  What? Hard to believe I know but it's true!  I was so surprised too. So after corresponding with Julianna - and here the thing - she's really so nice, I accepted the prize which was a gift certificate to Handmade by Mary's Etsy Shop.

Now Mary sells something I haven't been able to get my hands on - vintage fabric. (Score! Right?)
Mary's Vintage charms - all tied with a pretty bow!  Look at these! They are amazing!
Having never purchased from a Etsy shop - I wasn't sure how this would work - but Mary made it easier than easy - truly she did.  And even though she was in the midst of having workers start work on her house she had those BEAUTIFUL, COLORFUL, TOTALLY AWESOME Vintage Charms in my hands before I knew what happened.

I'm telling you, she such a doll! Here her link - Mary's Etsy Shop, go check it out - Don't worry I have time to wait.  Mary also included a lovely card and these really cool fabric tapes  - she also taped the my package with it heart tape and it looked so cool.  They are so neat!
See aren't they pretty? Just like her charm squares.

I can't wait to purchase from her again. I'm so excited about these and so happy to have won.

Both these ladies are so gracious. I'm so glad I have met them.

Thank You Julianna and Mary!

Happy Stitching,
Nicey Linda

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Another Star is born

Another Star is born - or in this case "made".
You know some quilts you make quickly (or at least consistently) and others are like this quilt.  I've been working on this quilt for YEARS.  Oh, maybe that's my problem, I really haven't been working on it.  LOL
I do one or two things and back in the closet it goes.  However, with this block I now have 12 main blocks completed.  (I just did the math, I've been working on this for 12 years! Yikes!)  And that silly girl that I promised this quilt to has never given up on me completing it.

So that makes 1 item from my March list completed. Yay!  How are you coming along with your March projects?

Happy Stitching,
Nicey Linda

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