Tuesday, October 20, 2020

Hunkering Down Pillow

 Oh I'm so glad to see the weeks melting away.

So I have this many until retirement....

Only Nine days of work left.
Only One more Monday Morning to get up and go to work.
and only Two more billing days (We bill each Thursday morning)

 I'll train the new gal
Clean out my office  
Then it is ADIOS!

In the meanwhile, I've been working on my yellow 
 Hunkering Down pillow.
I got quite a few tips from Jordan Fabric's YouTube double ruffle pillow video.

I do not like gathering by hand.  Someday I will buy a gathering foot. (I've been saying this for years!  hahaha)

I thought the corner turned out nice. 
As I was sewing on the ruffle I saw the seam would be right there in the corner! Panic set in .... would I have to undo all that sewing?  But it barely shows.   

So - here the whole thing.  It really was fun to make a pillow. I LOVE this Hunkering Down block.  Thank you Podunk Pretties!  

I plan to put it on my bed - but Bruce took it out to the motor home for our trip. He wants the motor home to be a very "homey" place.  

I really love yellow.  
It is actually the first word I learned to read. But I loved even before then.

 Bruce said he really does too.  Really?   What are the chances of two yellow loving people finding each other?

So now onto the next project.

Happy Stitching,


Wednesday, October 14, 2020

Projects Galore! For the Motor Home Trip

I realized something about myself.  I LOVE to have lots of projects going.  That's how it is for me at work, lots of projects going on all at once.  Now that I won't be at work, I started a bunch of projects for when we take our motor home trip.

Two Cross Stitch projects.

Garden by Durene Jones

Camera from VladaXstitch Esty shop

Frame this one: 

Two embroidery projects.

and three pillow projects. 

Hunkering Down by Podunk Pretties

Colorado Bears (set of 4 pillows)

My Embroidered Flowers

Plus - (We all love a "plus" don't we?)
Sewcialites Quilt along.  I'm thinking of doing the cutting for the blocks at home and stitching on the road.  

I wanted to share with you what I found.
My little grand daughter plays with this miniature tea set. 

I just leave it on the floor in my dining room for her.

Well, the last time she was here I thought some of those pieces are missing.  I looked in the tea cup in the plant and look what I found!

Yep - a little surprise!

I do hope you have a little surprise in your life today.

Happy Stitching,