Thursday, January 26, 2017

Neptune's Fight and a Christmas Pillowcase

Over Christmas I decided I really did need a Christmas pillowcase just for me.

So after Christmas I bought some fabric (on sale!  I love me some sales!) and last week I made this.
I have it all folded up and waiting for next year.
However it was so much fun - I'm thinking of making more.  Cuz you know all the Christmas fabric is still on sale!

In other news...

Neptune decided to chase a cat.  Too bad for her, she cornered the cat.  And that's when the cat attacked.
I think Neptune lost.
She looks like that old cigarette commercial – “I would rather fight than switch”.

I had to take her the emergency room.  Thank goodness the cat did not get her eyeball just the lid.  It was actually swollen up 2 inches high.  (Her head is only 4 inches wide.)

Poor thing - Marzipan being her best bud - did her best to comfort her.
 She's much better now thankfully.

So that's all for today.

Happy Stitching,
Linda, enjoying life with two good eyes, 
and two good little doggies.

Thursday, January 19, 2017

1st Finish for 2017 (Angela's Star Quilt)

It's amazing.  I'm amazed that I finally finished this quilt as it took so many years!
And I'm amazed that I have learned to put together a quilt like this.

I started it 17 years ago for my daughter Angela.  
It started as just an idea - a black quilt with purple star blocks. 
4 of the blocks came from a BOM program at the local quilt store.   I didn't continue going so I knew I would have to find more blocks from other sources.

Later I figured out I would need to put them together - silly but I was a beginner and didn't think about those kinds of things.  And I didn't know about "settings".  Several years later I found the center block - a feathered star tutorial from Molly's Place online.

And then several years after that I found my additional Star blocks in a magazine they are Judy Martin's design.  Like this snail tail star block.

It took a several years quilting other quilts before I started quilting on this one.  




It will look better in Angela's room - with her purple accents.

I've been blogging about this quilt off and on for years.
Now I can cross it off my UFO list on my sidebar.  YAY!!!

Happy Stitching,
Linda - Enjoying the 1st finish of the year.

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Saturday, January 7, 2017

FnwF Update

I have the center finished on Angela's quilt.  Once I started in on the quilting it wasn't too hard to come up with the quilting ideas. 

Now I have the borders to do.  

I'm off to look at the internet to see if inspiration hits!

Happy Stitching,
Linda - Off to Enjoy Pinterest  

Friday, January 6, 2017

Word Up 2017

Are we still doing the Word for the year thing?
I might be one of the few left doing it.

I like having a word for the year and this year mine is 
Last year had quite a bit of sorrow for me - between losing my husband and my mother.  Although good things happened too, I understood it takes time to grieve, no point rushing it.  Now, this year I'm ready for my mother's advice - Life is for the Living.  She was ALWAYS a Happy person.  Laughing and joking.  One knew she was in the room - even if they were 20 ft away.  She was such a vivacious  person.  

Also, this is the life that God has given me.  I want to enjoy it.  

So with her attitude, and because of the promises of God, I shall enjoy this year.
I will enjoy walking with God, relying on Him.
I will enjoy my family,
I will enjoy my work and my fencing business,
I will enjoy my my quilting and crafts,
 I will enjoy my cute little doggies,
and I will enjoy my friends here in blogland and new ones I will meet. 

And one more thing - I will enjoy FnwF.  Like the way I did that?  That smooth transition? Pretty clever huh?  Okay maybe not, but still I will enjoy stitching with you.

Now it's your turn, what's your word for the year?

Happy Stitching,
Linda - Enjoying Life

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