Thursday, January 19, 2017

1st Finish for 2017 (Angela's Star Quilt)

It's amazing.  I'm amazed that I finally finished this quilt as it took so many years!
And I'm amazed that I have learned to put together a quilt like this.

I started it 17 years ago for my daughter Angela.  
It started as just an idea - a black quilt with purple star blocks. 
4 of the blocks came from a BOM program at the local quilt store.   I didn't continue going so I knew I would have to find more blocks from other sources.

Later I figured out I would need to put them together - silly but I was a beginner and didn't think about those kinds of things.  And I didn't know about "settings".  Several years later I found the center block - a feathered star tutorial from Molly's Place online.

And then several years after that I found my additional Star blocks in a magazine they are Judy Martin's design.  Like this snail tail star block.

It took a several years quilting other quilts before I started quilting on this one.  




It will look better in Angela's room - with her purple accents.

I've been blogging about this quilt off and on for years.
Now I can cross it off my UFO list on my sidebar.  YAY!!!

Happy Stitching,
Linda - Enjoying the 1st finish of the year.

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  1. Hip Hip Hooray!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope you broke the news gently to Angela! Linda, your perseverance paid off with a beautiful quilt. And you learned so much along the way. What a masterpiece.

  2. A finish is always a joy but this one is especially lovely. I'm envious you can still quilt on black; I gave it up years ago. Beautiful feathered star. And such pretty FMQ. Congratulations.

  3. It's amazing! Congratulations on your finish!

  4. Kudos to you, lovely Linda!! Angela's quilt is amazingly beautiful; in design, in colour and pattern. Oh and the quilting is sublime! I bow down to you. Just a little aside.....LOVE your bed!!

  5. Good on you for continuing with Angela's quilt over sew many years. It's amazing and worth all your work. I'm sure she will treasure it.

  6. Well done. I'm still tinkering with my daughter's one I started years ago by hand - she would keep growing! That was my first ever and a how not to do patchwork! So to placate her I've been throwing a mix of fabrics she chose about 10 years ago together to make starry blocks. I must get cracking and at least finish it this year!!! Yours is a beautiful quilt. Happy days for your daughter!

  7. OH WOW--what a truly beautiful quilt--so it took you a while to make--but you kept at it and now look--a prize winning quilt!!
    Enjoy the moments-di

  8. Congratulations on a beautiful finish! It's always nice to look back and see how far we've come.

  9. Wow, congratulations. What a fantastic feeling that must have been, to FINALLY finish such a drawn out project, but absolutely worth the wait and time and patience. It's beautiful.

  10. What an amazing accomplisment! I really admire your determination to finish such a big project! And it is so beautiful. I hope you'll enter it into a quilt show: it needs to be shown so other people can enjoy it. Hugs, H