Friday, January 6, 2017

Word Up 2017

Are we still doing the Word for the year thing?
I might be one of the few left doing it.

I like having a word for the year and this year mine is 
Last year had quite a bit of sorrow for me - between losing my husband and my mother.  Although good things happened too, I understood it takes time to grieve, no point rushing it.  Now, this year I'm ready for my mother's advice - Life is for the Living.  She was ALWAYS a Happy person.  Laughing and joking.  One knew she was in the room - even if they were 20 ft away.  She was such a vivacious  person.  

Also, this is the life that God has given me.  I want to enjoy it.  

So with her attitude, and because of the promises of God, I shall enjoy this year.
I will enjoy walking with God, relying on Him.
I will enjoy my family,
I will enjoy my work and my fencing business,
I will enjoy my my quilting and crafts,
 I will enjoy my cute little doggies,
and I will enjoy my friends here in blogland and new ones I will meet. 

And one more thing - I will enjoy FnwF.  Like the way I did that?  That smooth transition? Pretty clever huh?  Okay maybe not, but still I will enjoy stitching with you.

Now it's your turn, what's your word for the year?

Happy Stitching,
Linda - Enjoying Life

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  1. Love your word...So many wonderful things you have planned. I have thought of you often in your time of grieving. A mother's advice is priceless.

    My word for the year is "Grace."

    A very clever way for the reminding me of Friday With Friends. Life was a challenge during the 2015-2016 school year. Now I am ready to "enjoy" my quilting. I will be joining you!

  2. I see that more than one of us is on the same wave length this year--My word this year is 'joy'--as in enjoy the moment--whether you are just spending a half minute watching a leaf float through the air or watching your loved ones play or finishing a quilt--enjoy it and smile--( I also see that Jenny at Elantz word is also enjoy--enjoy the ordinary is her theme this year!!!
    enjoy the moment-di

  3. I enjoy reading your blog, and I really enjoy looking at your beautiful header photo. I've chosen a word, but I haven't yet blogged about it yet. Hope to get that done over the weekend.

  4. That is a great word!! I think I need to pick that word up for the year too. But I'm more likely to use the word "healing". I have two sick daughters, and it's been a long haul, and I'd really love to see some healing for them!! But I'm going to use your example and try and enjoy my life also. Thanks for your thoughts!! Hugs, H

  5. Oh how I have loved reading this beautiful post, Linda. Did you know you are such an inspiration....well you are, lovely lady. I think your word "enjoy" is perfect. Enjoy each moment of each day sounds just wonderful to me. I think my word is beautiful. I want to live a beautiful life this word, in deed, in thought and in living each day. I am so thankful I happened upon your lovely place. Xx

  6. Wishing you a very joyful year Linda, which you thoroughly enjoy! It's a great word and I really like your explanation. I never quite get to finalising a word each year but would quite like to.