Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Word Up 2018

I do like doing Word Up,  
where one choses a word to focus on for the year.

I haven't noticed that many people doing it this year.  Maybe the fad is waning.  I promised myself I would get this post written in January - so seeing that this is the last day of January....I better get this post done.

My word for this year is:

Drum roll please.
  (Oh Word up is not that exciting?  Okay cancel the drum roll.)


This has been something that I try to do - give God my life and do his will. There have been a lot of changes these past two years - I've grown used to the way things are.  After Bruce asked me to marry him, and I said I would, I started thinking about what a great change this would make in my life. (Change can be scary.)
Right then the DJ said something about "Surrender to God".  I knew right then this is my Word for the year. 

I'm going to surrender to God this new adventure in life.  And each aspect of this adventure - from preparing for the wedding, dealing with relatives, to adjusting to another person's ways, finances, chores etc. etc. 
Of course when you surrender to God - you are trusting God to take care of you, and that He will work all things together for good.    

A final thought on Surrender

Happy Stitching,

Monday, January 29, 2018

Well Life Has Been Quite Something Lately

I know I haven't been blogging, it's because I've been working overtime and trying my best to get caught up at work.  I've been behind for over a year and just recently I've gotten a new boss.  He made some big changes and now my work load has decreased.  
I used to have 20 stacks of papers - each 8 to 10 inches high. 
I've been so overworked that I have no energy for sewing at night, even looking at blogs is too overwhelming.  

And I decided that I should make room for the new man in my life.  Actually I should make room for him in my house! (hahaha)  Once we are married he will move in with me.  He has a house, but I have a house with a nice backyard and a pool. you think he's marrying me for my pool?  

So - I did a lot of clearing out after Mark passed but I still had tons of his stuff in the closets, the drawers, under the bed.  Actually everywhere.  I would like Bruce to be comfortable so I've been cleaning all that out.  Imagine moving in and there were still the husband's shoes on the bed. (Yikes!)

And that dear friends is why no sewing has taken place over here. 

I do want to point out that even though I have met Bruce and yes I love being with him, I still greatly miss Mark.  It's possible to still love Mark and still grieve and also love Bruce. Things didn't magically turn to rainbows and sunshine and my grief end when I met Bruce.  I have my moments of crying as well as my moments of joy.  

One of the hardest recently, was packing Mark's things that meant the most to me.  Like the shirt he wore to Sturgis
and we shared a bottle of KICKASS Wine.
With a name and picture like that we had to try it.
  We were talking to some people and he kept pouring a little more and a little more into my glass while I wasn't looking.  I didn't notice until I was a tipsy - and then I confronted him.  They all got a good laugh out of that. (Me too.) Sealing all of Mark stuff into that box was like sealing him up.  I was reduced to sobbing.  

It's hard to switch gears - I had a life all planned out with Mark.  That plan was just to spend time with him.  (Granted it was not a complex plan  - but still "The Plan".)  Now the plan is to spend time with someone else.  Sometimes it boggles my mind.  

Now about that wedding.  No - I'm not looking forward to it.  I want to marry Bruce - but not have a wedding.  I don't really like to being the center of attention.  I don't like planning parties.  

So far all I have is a dress. It's a backyard wedding with only family.  So it shouldn't be too hard.  I better get busy!

Here's my funny for the day.

Friday, January 5, 2018

My very BIG News!

I have some happy news.

Bruce asked me to take a day trip to the beach with him. Oh it was so beautiful!
We enjoyed the pier and the waves.

And then he wrote in the sand - I wasn't paying much attention (it was windy and my hair was whipping in my face.  Note to self: bring ponytail holders to the beach) - and THEN he got down on one knee and PROPOSED!

He had written Will you marry me?  I only saw the one word - marry.  

 I was in total shock and couldn't even think for a few minutes.  I couldn't even understand that word "marry".  When I finally processed it - and I said yes.
 (Yeah - because I'm totally in love with this guy.  He has so much fun in life - just joking and getting others to laugh.  It shows that he loves God by his words and actions. That is super important to me.  And of course there are a hundred other things - and I rather like that bod of his.  Wink, Wink.)  

So - next up is a wedding.