Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Merry Christmas

Lately it's seems every post I write has a major life event. And this one is no different. 
Last Tuesday my daughter gave me quite a shock - she announced she was moving out. What??  When??  That's when she laid down the second shock - NOW!  And she did.  She got a sweet deal, the Aunt of the girl she is moving in with, is letting them stay in her rental house (just pay utilities) for several months.   
Part of me is thrilled and part is sad.  I'm happy for her to go experience life, yet it's an adjustment for us.  Since she is our youngest - that just leaves me, hubby and the dog at home.
And in other news - They (the bosses at work) have decided to transfer me back to my other work location.  Really?  After I get all nice and cozy over here?  That will be next week. So that will be another adjustment.  
Through it all, I know to just Praise God, as everything will turn out fine.

And the Happiest of New Happy Years!

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Catching up!

I've had several things happen lately that I haven't had time to post about. 
 So here's my Catch-up Post.

# 1
My Sister came out from Arkansas in October to load up her household goods that were in storage.  She and her husband have been roaming the USA in a 5th wheel and found a lovely spot to buy.  I so enjoyed having her and her husband stay with us for 10 days.  Every morning Jeff had the coffee on and they made the house so lively.  Connie taught me to crochet the ruffle scarves while she was here.
Here she is with her great niece - Scarlett - those two are two peas in pod.  So much alike!
The following weekend my other sister, Cindy came to visit from San Francisco. We had a blast too.
She came down to get help with her Setters of Canaan quilt. 
 This is only her 2nd quilt!  I worked on my Civil War quilt.
One of my co-workers asked if I could make her some doll clothes.  Sure!  What fun to sew up a couple dresses, Right?
  I work full time and she was quite upset that I didn't finish all 30 outfits in one weekend.
Did she not realize that I had to read the patterns
 and that they were full of details - like the overalls had real pockets? That were lined?
I finished 6.  I thought that was good for a weekend.
I was not going to be chained to my sewing machine. 
I did have fun sewing them. 
I wanted to wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving - I do hope you all had a lovely one.  We spent it with the family.
We played in the leaves - that was so much fun!!!
Later we let the babies sleep. 
Yesterday, 12/2/14 the day had finally come.  We had to put down our precious Sugar. 
She was such a wonderful dog.  And she had a great life.  She was our show dog and made Champion 5 times and then went on to be a UKC Grand Champion.  She really loved the show life and would jump onto the show table and pose for the judges - so cute.  She was only about 10 inches at the shoulders but could jump a 4 foot fence!  Also she was the fastest Rat Terrier - we put her in several races and she won every time, even against the Champion racer! 
My place of employment has decided to change my location (again!!!)  Now that I'm used to this new place and all the people, they are moving me back to my original location.
I haven't decided how I feel about that.  I just hope my check finds me - last time it took 6 months to change it. 
So Happy Stitching to all of you!
What December plans do you have?