Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Super Easy Cheese Broccoli Soup

I have to share with you this super yummy soup recipe.
My sister gave me the recipe.  As I was making this, I was looking into the pot and I realized that I don't really care for tomatoes. Neither does hubby.  Hmmm.... Why did I believe my sister when she said I would like it??

Well, because it so GOOD!  We both loved it and have made it again.  And it's so easy.

So here's her recipe

2 cans chicken broth.  (I used 3 cups of water and 3 bouillon cubes)
1 Can Rotel Tomatoes (Rotel has the green chile in with the tomatoes) 
Lots of broccoli flowerettes 
4 oz Velveeta cheese

Throw it together, let it simmer enough to cook the broccoli. (5 mins ?)
Eat and enjoy. 
Hubby was worried it would be too spicy  - but it wasn't .  

I do hope you try this and let me know if you like it.

Happy Soup Making,

Friday, March 20, 2015

Saving 20 Bucks - Hawaiian Place Mats

Yippie Kiyai!

Here are my Hawaiian Place Mats. 

Remember my hubby wanted to buy some for $37.00?
And Remember he had doubts I could make them?
I laid them out on top my tablecloth for the picture (and there's my daughter's birthday gift in the picture too).

Okay - admittedly, I did have to figure out how to make them.  But it was easy.  
I made a paper pattern - cut all my pieces out (including batting)
I sewed them up,  trimming the batting close the the seam and turned them inside out. Then I stitched up the opening and top stitched.  Yeah, it was that easy.  And fun too!

As I was stitching I was watching my bobbin thread and my spool of thread.  I ran out of bobbin, just as I finished sewing, and look how much was left on my top spool.
That's cutting it pretty close isn't it?  

The fabrics cost me about $17.00.  
So that's how I saved $20.00 - by making them instead of buying pre-made ones. 

And just so you know - Lily, my most sweetest little granddaughter turned 1 last month.
She's a cutie!!  She's in her birthday tutu.  Her Mama makes and sells them. 

Also it's Friday Night Sew-in! So now - let's go sew something else!

Happy Stitching, 

Tuesday, March 17, 2015


 I have to tell all of you, my quilty friends about Massdrop

Massdrop allows people to group together and buy in bulk.  The items are on sale for a period of time - then the sales ends. The more that buy the lower the price.

Available today on Massdrop

I saw this on Sophie's blog - Sophie Junction
I had never heard of it before, and I'm so glad she recommended it. 

Where I live I can't just go buy wool batting.  I might be able to buy it from a local  longarmer - but really, I don't want to do that. 

Yea,  that's right - great price for my wool batting, free shipping and it 's shipped directly to me.   And buying it was so, so very easy.

 Charley Harper fabrics - available for 6 more days

The wool batting sale was ending quickly, and I rushed to buy it.  (They do have other batting available. )

So go check it out.

Happy Stitching,


Monday, March 9, 2015

February Failures - Kauai Fabric Spree

First of all - I'm just joking about February being a failure.  I tease about it being a failure since I didn't even touch my sewing machine.  

I did succeed in my goal for February which was to think about/plan/and shop for my sewing/quilting for at least 20 minutes a day.   (DAGMT

I did a LOT of that.  

My goal for the year to NOT start any new projects.
Yet - there's no way I'm going to Hawaii and coming home without something special. 

At the Kapaia Stitchery I found so many wonderful kits and patterns and the fabrics!  OH MY!   

Hubby found some place mats there  - and wanted to buy them $37.00.  NO way.  I can make them for less and I found this beautiful fabric. 
This fabric was partially designed by the owner of the Kapaia Stitchery and produced by Michael Miller for Kapaia Stitchery.  How exciting it that?
See?  It is even written on the salvage. 

As I was getting my 1 yard of fabric for the place mats, my hubby said "Are you sure you know how make those?"  


It was too funny of a question to smack him.  I laugh every time I think about it.

So you know Hawaiian quilts are known for their two color-way applique.  I saw so many of the most beautiful patterns to buy.  I found the perfect one for me at the Kauai Museum and then ran (Okay drove) straight back to Kapaia for the fabrics.  It's a turtle pillow.  
Don't you just love that pattern?  It's okay if you don't.  It really speaks to me. 
I'm going to use the cream for the background. the green for the turtles and the blue/green for the water .  Of course I have to do something a little different and make it with 3 colors instead the of traditional 2 colors. 

I can't wait to start on it.

At a different quilt shop - Vicki's,  I found this "to die for" white on white.  I don't know what I will use it for, but I bought enough to do the back of a quilt.  

So there you have it; my fabrics from Kauai. 

Happy March Stitching,

Sunday, March 8, 2015

FNwF Update

Here's my pillowcase that I did for FNwF. 
 I made only one since my hubby wants to sew his own.  While I was sewing this I was also helping my daughter do her taxes. All I can say is both pillowcase and the taxes were super easy to do.  

I never to the french seams in the pillowcase - I never learned how.  And to be honest with you - I never look at my seams inside my pillowcases - so I don't care if the are enclosed or not.  

Now I need to start in on my  kitchen place mats. 
Sewing little projects is so much fun.

So what have you been working on?

Happy Stitching,

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

FNwF and Kauai Purchase

This Friday is FNwF 

 And I already know what I'll be working on. 
While we were driving along in Kauai, my husband made a sharp right and took me to Kapaia Stitchery.  He found it way before I did.  That's a good husband - just turn in because he knows I'm going to want go shopping!

Oh it was the most wonderful place and we looked and talked and wander.  We considered all the lovely items and I just had to leave - there was just too much goodness in there.  BUT! As I was walking out the door, I found and grabbed the pillowcase with the turtle and said I have to buy this!  Mark found the other pillowcase and he said he would sew that one up.  

We made our purchase with the decision to go back another day to buy more - once I had time to think about it.  I don't want to buy fabric or kits that I'm not going to complete.  No more fabric for the closet to enjoy.

So - let's get sewing with friends this Friday.  

I'll share my other purchases in a later post.

Happy Stitching,