Wednesday, June 30, 2010

June Finishes and July Hopefulls and Early Bird Christmas Crafting

I think I really blew it for June.  I had only two projects and ummmm....I couldn't get either one done.  Not that I'm complaining, because I been having a wonderful time vacationing instead.  So here we go.  I did work on one of Val Laird's BOM.  It's fun to work on.  I just simply do not to it.

Then I have my 30's quilt.  Oh I really thought it would be easy to finish.  But no.  I did get it together and even made the prairie points.   And oh lucky me I found the perfect binding in lavender and green. However, I simply didn't have time to find some more fabric to make the border, until today when I went to Joann's.

Okay so that's my unfinished projects for June.  No worries though because Morro Bay, Las Vegas and Salinas were much more fun.

And while I was in Vegas I went to Fabric Boutique.  If you are ever there you've got to go it's a great shop.  And it's next to Wal-Mart so Hubby went there and I spent a long time in Fabric Boutique.  I bought some really fun stuff.

First:  This great jelly roll - Lilly and Will by Bunny Hill. 

Is this just too pretty?  I love it. 

They had a cute quilt on the wall using this pattern.  I don't have any plans to use it soon.  I bought for later.

And happy day I found these prints.  These will be turned into pillowcases. (Teal will be the trim)

 And check out these coordinating fabrics?  These will be used to make napkins.
  (Early Bird Challenge using two colors -WhooHoo!!!)

Update:  I was so excited about these I make them up (all eight napkins) in one day.  So fun and easy.  My grandmother taught me to use knives to hold my fabric down while cutting.  Using them and hearing them click against each other brought back fond memories of her.

Do you like them?

So all these will be my July Projects  This will make for some very happy stitching!  Linda

Monday, June 28, 2010

Camping was a blast!

Well we are back from Morro Bay and it was just wonderful.  Oh and when I arrived home to my Sunset Magazine they had listed the campground,Morro Dunes, where we stayed as one of the best places to stay on the central coast of California.  We really loved it.  The campsites were so clean the people were quiet and considerate.  The beaches were pretty bare - not many people which was very nice and in the above picture which you can't really see is my Neptune chasing some birds.

More later as Hubby wants to use the computer. (drat!)

Scarlett had a blast collecting shells.  She counted 46 that she picked up.  We did find some whole sand dollars. However Scarlett liked the biggest one best - even if it was broken.

On the way home we stopped in Cayucos for Clam Chowder.  I had chili cheese fries instead. Yummy Yummy.  I  spilt those with my daughter, Serena.  We both know what's good.  And it's NOT clam chowder! Hahaha


Thursday, June 17, 2010

Time for Camping

It's been a couple years since we've camped at the beach. We figured it was time again so Hubby called and got us some reservations at near Morro Rock, which is on the Pacific Coast - Central California.

People seem to just love this rock.  And it's quite famous - well it seems to me it is.  I do love the beach.  It's so nice to walk along in the morning and find sand dollars.  This is my favorite beach to just walk along.

So for a few days we are going to get away and enjoy some cool weather,walk all around the area and eat seafood.  There are some really good fish restaurants around (yummy!) and some great clam chowder if you like that sort of thing.  (Not me, I'm not into the clam chowder - but everyone else in my family is)

And we'll catch some views of the sunset. I'm going to be sure my camera battery is charged (and packed).  Oh and I'm going to pack Val Laird's Bom's.  Maybe, just maybe I'll work on them.

See you soon!


Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Sewing Room's New Name

Okay here it is, finally pictures of my cleaned up sewing room. It's not really my sewing room - it's really my ironing room as Gene Black calls his room, as I sew in the dining room and iron in this room. So are you ready?

I like having some empty space where I can hang my flannel to use as a design board. Or just use the floor space. I took out that big computer desk, computer and a bunch of junk. By the way that shelf on the wall is not crooked, it just looks that way in the picture.

I've seen a few sewing rooms on the internet and they are all lovely or cute and they make you wish you could just be in there sewing. But not my room. It's - well it on the bland side. Well, it's the truth. But I like it. It's mostly a playroom for the grandkids and it has a crib for the grandbaby.

My closet has organizers in them to keep more of those quilt fabrics and projects. When I shut the doors everything looks nice and neat. I'm happy with my room. It's so much better than before!


Thursday, June 10, 2010

Spring Fever Bingo

Are you all playing bingo? I’ve really enjoyed checking out the blogs that In Stitches has been listing. And today I’m on there! What fun!! So have you gotten many words yet? I have 12. Leave me a note and let me know how you are all doing! And Welcome to my blog, it’s good to have you stop by!!!


Sunday, June 6, 2010

May Finish

Well only one finish for May, Scarlett's I Spy top is pieced. I have a good excuse for not doing more sewing, I've been reading Gone with the Wind and it's so interesting!!! I did work a tiny bit on Val Laird's BOM but mostly I just wanted to read instead. Look you can see a bit of the cleaned up room. Before I couldn't even lay a quilt on the floor.


June goals for Charming Girls and Guys Club

Oh Goody it's the first of the month and time to think about what we want to get done. So here's mine. I'm happy to say I would like to finish up this UFO. I really like 30's fabrics. I'm the only one in my family that does - that means I have to keep this quilt for me. And since I need a lap quilt for the winter I'm a happy gal!!
I started working on it today. First I put a border around the center block to make it a whopping 22 1/2 inch block.
Check out these colorful little corners. I thought it was a nice touch.
And even though I was tired I cut some sashing strips and sewed them between a couple blocks. Now they are just going to stay on the sewing room floor for a while. Maybe tomorrow I'll get back to sewing.

It's so nice to have my sewing room cleaned up. I'll have to post those pictures soon.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Sewing Room update

I've been busy cleaning out that sewing/computer/play/junk room. I moved out the computer desk (Yahoo!!!) and moved the bookcase into the closet (Oh boy! Oh Boy!!). I just came back from the store with two plastic rolling cabinets which I plan to put some of that extra fabric in. No photos at this time - Oh don't cry! I need to go cook dinner maybe I can get to it later - but no promises as it's family time now.