Thursday, July 27, 2017

I really have to laugh at myself

 I didn't leave fabric for my seam allowance between the blocks!
 I just cut on the line like I thought I should.

You know, I probably should have watched the last 5 mins of that tutorial video.  Or maybe I should have actually read the instructions in the magazine. 

So who's happy they have a brand spanking new seam ripper?
This girl!  Hahaha I was removing the four outer corners, (which I will replace with larger pieces thank goodness I don't have to re-do the whole blocks) I sat and watched foundation piecing tutorials.  How ironic is that?  

The first video I had watched (and didn't finish) said to crease along the fold line that way you know where to place your fabric, which really worked for me.   
With that crease I knew exactly where to place my next piece of fabric. 
Another video suggested the "Add 1/4 inch ruler" to cut the extra fabric.
I liked that idea - but I don't have that ruler 
and I have already got used to using scissors. 

I finally convinced my daughter and son-in-law to leave me with Elora.  She's almost over 5 months and this is the first time she has left her anywhere.

You know I enjoyed her!

It's rather warm hot here and one day I came home to this.
Hahaha - Silly dogs. 

Okay now it's time to go sew...
Happy Linda

Monday, July 24, 2017

Ocean Waves

I didn't think doing this foundation piecing would be hard. 
that was before...I really dove in.
When I went to look at the instructions in the magazine - where is nothing about what size pieces to use for each section.  Also I couldn't understand what she was saying - it was so confusing in my mind.

I sat down with my fabric - thought about it - and laid the foundation piece right side down. Then my fabric on top right side up.  Flipped it over.  Okay - now we are getting some where.  I figured it out and sewed a few pieces.  

Then went to YouTube and watched a bit of a video to confirm it.  Darn that video was 9 mins. long and I couldn't wait that long! So after getting my confirmation that I was on the right track I made one block.

Yeah BABY!
Now that's a wave!

I made note what size was needed for each fabric piece, cut a bunch of pieces and made another wave block.
Now I have waves!

Those blocks took a long time.  But now that I have a system (and cut pieces) it should go quicker.   My third block took ONE hour.  And I haven't even ripped the paper out.  But the thing is we are suppose to be having fun.  And I AM!
Can you feel that ocean rolling in?  

Okay - let's go sew,
Happy Linda

Friday, July 14, 2017

Little Turtle and Waves

I'm so excited about my little turtles.  I have them all stitched up.
Not in the picture - of course I don't have picture with them all done.  

I went yesterday and bought the fabric for the wave blocks.
I have not been fabric shopping in sooooo long.  
I've been so good about not buying fabric, that I bought all of these without a sale!  
Oh dear - and I didn't even care.

What started this quilt was I saw Lisa Boyer on TV sewing these turtles (years ago - I mean years and years ago.)  I thought it looked like so much fun.  Well fast forward a hundred years - er well not quite that many years and I found her pattern in a old quilt magazine at the library.  Cool right.  So  fast forward a couple more years (maybe a decade?) and we get to me making her turtles. Only I stuffed them.  (What a good idea Linda !  Thank you.  I thought so too.)

And today I printed of the foundation paper for paper piecing the waves.
I has done paper piecing with 3 pieces - so this shouldn't be much harder.

Well, I'm looking forward to sewing.
Happy Stitching,

Friday, July 7, 2017

3rd Qtr FAL

Time to make my Qtr 3 list for 

#1 Turtles 

#2 Quilt Serena's Quilt

#3 Ryan McKenna's bird house pattern

#4 Quilt Love & Blessings Quilt
(Where is that picture? I'm still looking - sorry)

Now let's go have fun sewing,

Wait!  Wait!  One more!
I almost forgot.
#5 Poodle Quilt Block


Oh Goodie it's FNWF time again.

I have good company on the internet sewing and creating away,
and at home with all these turtles swimming around.

I love diving into my threads - I love picking the best color.

Come here Little Turtle - it's your turn to be stitched! 
My co-worker suggested that I put this quilt in the County Fair.  Hmmm...that would require me actually WORKING on it and FINISHING it by August!  Of this year!
I may accept that challenge.  

UPDATE:  I had a wonderful time stitching these up.
Funny thing, I couldn't remember how to do a zigzag stitch in my machine. What the what??? I had to get out the manual. (Oh brothers!). 

Also I did finish up the Bralette in the month of June.   
But honestly, I'm not happy with it.  I didn't use the correct lace - Joann's didn't have it. I cut it too big, then too small, added fabric, recut it to fit.  And then just I don't know...just didn't like it.

And I worked with my new Clarity Clear Ruler Foot.
It was so easy to put on and use.  I did use this Thang - because that's what one does when they are too excited to wait for a ruler that is sitting only two feet away.  Hahaha   I did also used that real ruler. The Clarity Clear Ruler is easy to get the hang of.  

Okay - can you stand just one  more picture?
I love having Serena in my life - look what fun things she does to our dog.  Purple feet!

Happy FNWF Stitching,