Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Starting to Quilt - Starting a New Life

I don't think you will believe me.
However, I'm going to quilt on Angela's quilt.

Am I right?  You don't believe me?

Yesterday spent forever setting things up for it.  I spent so long that I didn't even quilt!
I had to find everything!  The thread, my walking foot, boards to make my chair higher, etc, etc.
Then I couldn't for the life of me get that walking foot on. 
I must have tried 8 different times.  So I went to find the Babylock walking foot (thinking perhaps I had switched them up) just to be sure I had the correct one.  
Yep, I had the right one. And finally it went on correctly.  I don't know what the problem was. 

Now I'm ready to go.

It's a start!

Happy Quilting,

Oh - and just in case you are wondering how I'm doing.  I haven't been blogging or reading many blogs.  I haven't been sewing much. I've adjusting to life without Mark.
Learning the trash schedule - how to clean the pool filter - and a million other things.

Here's the new me - not sewing but doing fence estimates!

My daughter, Rosanna and I are running Mark's fence business.
It's Scary!  However, it's also fun.

Thursday, June 2, 2016

Lookie What I did - Pinterest Fun!

I have to make some items to sale for Serena's fundraiser.

I've been on Pinterest for years. I thought I would make the item that has been repined the most.  That makes sense right?

I gathered my supplies
 Have you seen the pin before?  Can you guess what I did?

I hot glued those animals to the lids and spray painted them.  

Yep - I think they are pretty cute.
And so EASY too.
Now I'll see how well they sale. Pinterest don't let me down.

Do we have a winner here?