Friday, June 21, 2019

A Little Funny - from Serena

I wanted to share a little funny that my daughter, Serena did.

She bought me these three used books as a gift.
She knows I enjoy used quilt books.

Inside this one was this note
to the previously owner. (Don't try to read it -
I have it blown up below.)

It says:  To Mom -    
 Congratulations on your 
 five Two ribbons at the fair - We
knew you could do it!
Patty Serena
And Serena added her date: 12-25-18
We got the biggest kick out of Patty's mom getting 5 ribbons and Serena crossing that out writing in 2.

I really like the book and here's one of the pages that I would really like to do.
That will be for another day. 

Happy Stitching,

Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Just Quilting Away - OMG & FNWF

My One Monthly Goal did not pan out last month.

And I'm not the least bit disappointed. 

Because I totally blew myself away with finishing all those feathers!

Which was going to be this month's OMG.   
Now I've started on the border.  
I had in mind to do this simple scallop and stripe. I have all the scallops done.  I thought I would finish the stripes in one day.  How hard can they be?

Nope - that didn't happen.  Apparently they are not hard - but a little time consuming.  I worked all most all day on Sunday and I have 1 1/2 half sides done.  
So far I'm thinking that it is turning out well.  I can't wait to drape it on the bed.  So the strips will be for June OMG.  I'm really hoping to have it all completed before mid-June.  Then I can start back on those stars again. 

I have until the wedding in mid-August - so I'm on track.

Oh let's talk about thread - I've run out of thread three times!  I had an almost full one of the gold, when I got down to the end (at night) I went to the store in the morning and I picked up two spools - not sure which would match best.  Well, turns out I've needed them both. (And they both match)  Of course when I ran out it was again at night, and started with my third spool of gold.  Then I ran out of Ecru (at night again!) so I was looking throughout the house for more. Luckily Mom had some in her sewing box that she gave me.  (Thanks Mom.  You always do look out for me.)

Friday Night with Friends is this Friday!  Yay!! Thanks gals for stitching with me. 
I'll be enjoying stitching those lines this Friday. 

I'm linking up with Patty of Elm Street Quilts for OMG 

and with Cheryl over Gone Stitching for 

Have Fun Stitching,

Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Cutest Potholder and Feathers Galore

While my granddaughters were over I decided we would make a present for their Mother.
 She had mentioned that she wanted potholder to hang.

Well, the light bulb went off and I got her girls to pick some fabrics.
Good chance to discuss print scales and color contrast, as in "No! That black fabric is not good for this!"
What a fun and fast project!  

All that was left when Mama arrived to pick them up was finishing the binding.
I gave them a needle with plenty of thread and sent them off.
Is there anything more precious than a handmade gift from your children?
Well...yeah, maybe there is - but this is really cool too.

Mama was so surprised and so happy!  Isn't the print with the blender just perfect?  

Now - on to my Big Project. Getting this quilt quilted before the wedding.
Feathers!  Lot and lots of Feathers. 
 I heard once that if you do a king size quilt with feathers you will be a feather making expert. I'm not sure that if that is true. 
But I quickly realized that I didn't know how to do feathers upside down 
or sideways.  
But I can now!

Happy Stitching, 
Nicey Linda

Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Special Present -

Sometimes it is just so strange how things work.

After my mother passed, my sister and I went to her house and kept a few token things to remind us of her.

Well, now three years later....I get a call from the son that had liquidated the assets. He had kept the sewing machine and cabinet for me.  WHAT??  Did he know I sewed?  Did my mom tell him I did at some point?  I did see the machine and cabinet while there but had no way to get it to my house 12 hours away.

Of course I JUMPED at the chance to get the machine and the next day drove up to get it.  I only had to drive 2 hours north as he was down for his work and brought the machine.  YAY!!

So here she is - not an expense machine. I like that it is a Brother and light weight. 
And the cabinet
The cabinet has a nice mechanism that raises and lowers the machine easily.
And thread holders!
Right now it is in my garage - until this weekend when I make room for it.

Strangely, this came right around my birthday - so I consider it a birthday gift from my mom.

 In my "About Me" profile (to the right of this main text), I talk about my mother and wanting to sew on her machine.  I feel very blessed to receive this gift. I like the way God planned this out.  Do you think they were conspiring together?

Now let's go sew!
 Thanks Mom!

Wednesday, May 1, 2019

My New Toy & May's OMG

Joy! Joy! Joy!

I bought myself an exciting new toy.
Amy of Amy's Quilting Adventures has been telling us not to use our cutting rulers for ruler work.  
Sunny told me about the Line Tamer Ruler .  

I found this different brand one at my local quilt shop.   
I love how my motion quilting foot fits inside and I can easily use it to make straight lines. (Although honestly mine will ever so often get a little wiggle!)  I just need more practice.

It's just the right size - both in length - as it fits in my domestic machine throat.
  And the width is just right. Easy to hold.   
The ruler markings help keep it lined up without any fuss. 
I have all the foundation quilting done (all the stitch in the ditch).

My May OMG is to do the gold stars. 
Here's the quilt on my dinning room table - it's a poor quality picture as the morning sunlight was streaming in.

I can't wait to start! See you all over at Elm Street Quilts.

Happy Sewing, 

Monday, April 22, 2019

BIG News

Okay - I've been up to some pretty big things lately.  I finally have time to share with you.

We made a 
BIG Purchase

Which leads to BIG Adventures (over 2600 mile trip & several states)

And Big Mountains
And BIG Cities 
So BIG I had to memorize the map.

My little girl moved to Littleton,
Her boyfriend is in Lakewood,
His parents are in Fort Collins,
We stayed in Golden,
then stayed in Wheat Ridge,

While we were there Mr. Boyfriend ditched my daughter, came back to our campsite and asked us for permission to marry her.

YIKES! That was a BIG conversation.

Which led to her getting a BIG rock at Red Rock Canyon, Colorado
and a big smile!
My family is getting BIGGER.

And BIG smiles from me and Bruce.
So that is what I've been busy doing.

who is looking forward to another BIG adventure.

Friday, March 29, 2019

OMG Finish for March

Yikes! I was beginning to wonder if I would finish this block before the end of March for OMG 

I found this fabric
It just reminds me of bees.

I used it for the bees wings.
with some shiny gold thread.  I love it!
Then I embroidered his little body with a satin stitch.

I've been dilly-dallying with this.
Trying different stitches and colors for the flowers - ripping them out because they didn't look good. And then last night I realized it's the end of the month!  I must get this done!  

So I did. 
Linking up with OMG for March.

If not for OMG I would still be tinkering with this block.  Thanks Patty for hosting OMG.   

Happy Stitching,