Wednesday, February 21, 2024

What Happened?


Just life. That's what. Yep, it took me this long to finally get back to this blog.

It's been a rough year two years - but it's also been a good two years.
Adjusting to moving and not being the type of mom I used to be has been much harder on me that I thought.  I'm used to being with my children (even though they are adults) and seeing them, laughing with them.  But distance makes that so much harder. 

Lets talk quilts for a minute.

Look! I did it!

I FINALLY decided on a plan and actually made Rosanna's quilt.  This quilt panel (middle six pictures) had been in my drawer for years, really a decade or more.

UGH!  How could any quilt be so hard!

Well, for one thing Rosanna doesn't like geomatic shapes - no flying geese, or square in a square blocks for her!  So playing on the curves of her art and the art of Van Gosh I created more blocks of gentle curves.  Rather landscapish if you ask me.

Wah La!  It all came together and I LOVE it.

One of the best things to happen since I last posted is this little guy.


My newest little grandson.  He is so adorable!
I also got to spend time with him and his parents when they moved from Denver to Ohio.
It was a blast!  A lot of work - but wonderful memories. 

I did make him a quilt for his first birthday - hey there's no hurry to get these quilts done quickly! His mama likes neutral colors and was thrilled with it.

Dogs wearing Pjs

Yep I do love those sharks by Elizabeth Hartman.  I made this quilt for a different grandson.  Mostly I made it because I wanted to.  Her pattern instructions were scary to look at but once I started in, it was quite easy and fun.  Honestly I would love to make another. 

Okay enough for today.  
Love you all,
Linda in Arkansas

Monday, May 16, 2022

Moda’s Branching Out

I sewed up three more blocks for my Branching Out Quilt. 

Where I now live, Arkansas, has lots of trees.
This is a picture from yesterday when we were out on the golf course. 
So you can see why I’m naming this quilt, My Arkansas Quilt.  I decided to add a few fall orange colors. And I do love them among the greens. 

We’ve now been here one year. I suppose it time I change my name from Linda in Calif.   Don’t  you agree?

Happy Stitching!

Friday, April 22, 2022

Still Here -And Kicking!

 I'm sure by now you all think I have fallen off the earth. I couldn't get my computer to work and I had so many other things going on it wasn't the most pressing matter to fix.

So where shall I begin....

I started working on  Moda's Branch Out. It's a fun project although it's not an easy block.

My work on it was interrupted by the announcement of a baby being due.  My little daughter and her husband are expecting their first

We threw them a surprise shower at our annual family camping trip.  This is the only picture of the quilt I took  It's a disappearing 9 patch.  

We actually haven't had our annual camping trip the last 4 years and it was good to get back in the swing of things. 

Me and grandson Troy.  Isn't he the cutest thing?  He told me he was 13 and his mother insists he's 12.  LOL!  Neither one of us would do the math to figure out the truth.  

During the Christmas season I made this stocking for Stephen.  My sister did the horse.

I love doing these Brucilla Stockings. They are tons of work but so worth it.

I found this kit at an yard sale. I've been SLOWLY working on it. It will get done someday.

On our camping trip we also made it to the Grand Canyon.  It was our second time and we enjoyed as much as the first time.
And here's my cutie pie Elora and doggie Gracie.
I also had the opportunity to give my daughter Rosanna her quilt.  For years she said she didn't like quilts. That she didn't want one.  However, when I started Fat Quarter Shop's Bat and Boos quilt - I knew it would be hers.
Yep, she was happy with it.  She does love Halloween too.

The next quilt I'll be working on is the one for my sister. 
A 4-patch Posies

I'll be back with more on this one another day.
Hopefully, I'll be able to post more often.

If you read this, please leave a comment so that I know I'm not just talking to myself.

Happy Stitching,

Friday, January 7, 2022

Word up 2022

Well Hello January!

I'm ready to see what kind of year this will be.  I haven't had much interest in sewing or quilting.  I've been spending time making a home here.  It's a rural area so I thought I would use my time in my sewing room, but that hasn't happened.  I have been working on a Burcilla stocking for my son-in-law.  

Some of the items for the stocking are so darn tiny! It will be ready for next Christmas.

  Next Thursday I plan to attend the meeting at the local guild. Hopefully, this will help me with getting back into sewing and make some friends. 

I'm still working ever so slowly on the Bats and Boos Quilt. Geez can you believe it's taking this long?

My WORD UP ought to be HURRY.  But I decided on TRUST. 

I trust God is working things out for me with this move.  That I will adjust, find some friends, enjoy my sewing again.  And I trust Him that He has good things in store for us here.  

Let me know your Word up and 

Happy Sewing,



Monday, September 27, 2021

Time Flies - Alligators to Dogs

 How does a whole month go by so quickly?  Well one reason was because two of my daughters and granddaughters came to visit. 

We all went to the alligator farm. We also went boating and for rides in the golf cart. So cool to have them come see where I live and how things are for me here. My life is so different here than in California. I just do different things here. I don’t have the pool and kids around. 

I did work on my Bats and Boos Mystery quilt.  

I almost finished it.  I just lost interest in it. I sort of don’t like it and I need to buy more fabric to finish up the borders.  

But the best news is I have another little love. This is Jovi 

She is six months old and we have had her for 5 days. She is such a lovely little doll!  She is so sweet and sooo soft!  We are working on the house breaking. She has learned come, sit, pick up (for when I have to pick her up) and to walk on a leash. Best of all she sleeps all through the night! That means I get the sleep all through the night!! 

I’m finally working on Bonnie Hunter Mystery Quilt. I’m so happy to be getting this quilt quilted. Okay so I haven’t actually started quilting it yet. But I ironed the backing! LOL

 I plan on getting the top ironed & starched tomorrow and then my layers pinned. 

 I also need to vacuum the house. And I better get to the grocery store if I want to eat next week. 

What are you working on?

Happy Stitching,


Tuesday, August 17, 2021

Bats & Boos - Pumpkin Block

 Blocks of the week or month have always been an easy thing for me. Until the puppy came!

Oh my she takes up so much of my time. Playing with her, taking her out to potty 20 times a day. It all adds up to an incomplete pumpkin block.

Although I much admit I’ve been having so much fun working on it. 

So I need to go sew while she is sleeping.

Happy Stitching,



Wednesday, August 11, 2021

Bats and Boos Bat Block

 I was so very devastated to lose my Marizpan. I know I need a dog in my life so we found our new little one. She is super cute. 

She’s doing her part to help me mess up my sewing room. That’s what I want. 

Oh my gosh, I decided to let Bruce name her.  He was in no hurry.  It started to drive me nuts! But today we have a name.  MiaJovi which means my joy or my beloved.  We may end up calling her either Mia or Jovi or change it but for now she has a name  

I’ve been working on the bat blocks. They are so cool. 

 And this week I’ve been working on the pumpkin block. I love the block! So I’ll be back to show you those.

 It’s just comforting to get back to making blocks and sewing.   

Now let’s get back to sewing or maybe back to playing with MiaJovi. 

Happy Stitching,