Monday, September 27, 2021

Time Flies - Alligators to Dogs

 How does a whole month go by so quickly?  Well one reason was because two of my daughters and granddaughters came to visit. 

We all went to the alligator farm. We also went boating and for rides in the golf cart. So cool to have them come see where I live and how things are for me here. My life is so different here than in California. I just do different things here. I don’t have the pool and kids around. 

I did work on my Bats and Boos Mystery quilt.  

I almost finished it.  I just lost interest in it. I sort of don’t like it and I need to buy more fabric to finish up the borders.  

But the best news is I have another little love. This is Jovi 

She is six months old and we have had her for 5 days. She is such a lovely little doll!  She is so sweet and sooo soft!  We are working on the house breaking. She has learned come, sit, pick up (for when I have to pick her up) and to walk on a leash. Best of all she sleeps all through the night! That means I get the sleep all through the night!! 

I’m finally working on Bonnie Hunter Mystery Quilt. I’m so happy to be getting this quilt quilted. Okay so I haven’t actually started quilting it yet. But I ironed the backing! LOL

 I plan on getting the top ironed & starched tomorrow and then my layers pinned. 

 I also need to vacuum the house. And I better get to the grocery store if I want to eat next week. 

What are you working on?

Happy Stitching,



  1. How wonderful that you had some family come visit you new home! The puppy is adorable!!

  2. I click Publish too quickly because I wanted to say I LOVE your Bats & Boos just as it is. Great fabric choices and the border is awesome. And I also was thinking - your last post showed a darling puppy. Do you have 2 now?

  3. So good to show family your new home and I am sure they were itching to see it! I would be. Gorgeous little puppy. It will be lovely to see your Bonnie Hunter again with some texture emerging. Bats and Boos looks great even though I am not a halloween fan! xx