Thursday, January 21, 2021


 Life never goes the way you think it will. I know this, I’ve been around the block a couple times!  So Arkansas didn’t happen the way we thought. We found a house put an offer on it. It was accepted but before we found that out, we backed out. 

I felt I would be isolated as it was in a hill, with a beautiful view but 45 minutes to town.  Nothing  wrong with that, I’m just not use to it.  Also  I’m used to doing a lot of walking.  It was all steep hills. 

We have now started back home.  Stopping by In New Mexico  

As we were driving I thought this scenery  inspires me to make a low volume quilt.  It’s so beautiful!  

So now we are in Colorado.  We were going to look for houses here too. But things are not working out here either.  No worries.  We are waiting on God and trying to follow His lead. In the meanwhile, We will get to see our daughter.    

I’m still working on my cross stitch - SLOWLY! 

I just need to finish the tree and do a couple flowers.  

Happy Stitching!


Friday, January 15, 2021

Camping and Cross Stitching

We are back on the road again. 

My Honey woke up one morning and said let’s go. When I answered yes I’m want to go on vacation, he told me. No we don’t vacation. We travel because you have to work to vacation. Hahaha Oooh. I see! That leaves me out! 

So we have traveled to the Grand Canyon 

It was not crowded in January! But it was cold.

It was great to hike the trails and just see the beauty there.

We are now in Arkansas. This is out motorhome window. 
We have been talking about moving out of California. And have been looking in different states. This place might be a contender. Bruce likes the fishing etc in this area. 

I’m not sure what I want yet. I’m just keeping in prayer about it. In the meanwhile we are looking at homes here with a realtor. Yikes...Things might just get real!  

 In sewing news: I really thought I would have this finished by Thanksgiving. Nope!  Then I thought I would have it finished by Christmas. Nope!  Well now I’ve had some time to work on it and maybe I’ll have it finished before we return home!  

No quilting has been done in months. I’ll get back to it when I return home.

Oh look at this sign I saw in a train museum, Fort Smith, Arkansas. 

Happy Stitching,