Sunday, January 30, 2011

Gathered from the Garden and a new BOM

I've been asked about the pattern used for the BOM quilt.  Strawberry-Patches, my local quilt shop used Gathered from the Garden - Quilts with Floral Charm by Cindy Lammon, published by Martingale Company.  The fabric used was similar to the one in the book.  It's Moda, one of the Fig Tree lines.  I changed up a few of the block - like the birdhouse, the bird and the flower blocks.  Cindy's book is so well written instructions and super easy to follow. She even tells you which way to iron the seams.

Cindy provided nice patterns for the applique. 

There are 95 pages in the book. And there are several more patterns that I would like to make - someday.

And while we are on the subject of BOM's and Strawberry-Patches is having another BOM starting this next Saturday.  Here's a little picture....sorry it's a bit blurry.

When I was in the shop this last week I signed up for it.  I think I'm really going to enjoy it.  I'm thinking about making two of these quilts.  One like this and one in "bright" colors. One of my friends told me, it's just as easy to make two blocks each month as it is to make one.  Well, that's not really true -but it sound good, doesn't it?  I'm very excited to be starting this new project. 


And the Word Up Party Continues....

Good Morning Gals!

I've already been up a while. I've dyed my hair and have even been quilting!

Do you like it?

I'm taking a little break, having a cup of coffee and checking on my fellow charming gals.  When I finish I'll quilt this block.  I used buttons for the centers because I didn't think I could make well rounded circles.  I think the buttons make it cuter.

Have fun sewing,


Saturday, January 29, 2011

Good Morning Word Up Girls!

Update:  Well, I was hoping to update throughout the day, but that didn't happen.  I was able to get some quiting done and then... ("And thens" are not good for quiting!) my sister called asking for help.  She's moving so I helped her clean her old house.  Afterwards she took me out to lunch.  We found a new Mexican restrurant and it was sooo gooood!!

And then (another "and then" as you know means non-quiting time) I got home just as the family was leaving.  I jump in the truck and after dropping the kids off at the movies, we went to two quilt stores!  YEA!! 

I bought these stencils.    

I haven't used stencils before:  here's the results. 

After finishing up these blocks I tried and tried to re-pin my quilt but I couldn't get it taut enough.  My dear sweetie took over.  He's the best darn pinner in the world.  (Okay, the best in our house!)  He's definitely hired. 

I did make a nice snack after he got it all pinned.  Salad with bananas, oranges and cranberries. 

I forgot to link up with Kelly this morning.  Sorry I'm late.  Bye for now I'm going to do a bit more quilting.


Good Morning:  I'm so excited about today's party!  I woke at 4 am.  Hmmm...way too early to start partying.  So I read for a while to put myself back to sleep.  That didn't work, so I watched TV, that didn't work.  So then I closed my eyes..  ah...just the ticket.  Now that I've gotten another few winks, I'm all set to go. 

First, I had to chase the sleeping girls out of the living room.  They had a sleepover but I gave them fair warning that I would be coming in and making noise in the morning so sleep in the bedroom.  But I suppose they stayed up late and fell asleep playing games. 

Now, I think I'll work on this BOM quilt. I love this quilt.  Working on it has brought me so much joy.  Each month I would go to my local quilt shop, gather with strangers and listen to how to make the block. Go home and sew it up, then bring it back the next month.  We all ooh and awed over each others work and the lovely fabrics and gadgets the owner showed.  We soon got to know each other better and then I was going to the BOM with my friends. Having something so nice to work on and friends helps me have PEACE in my life.  Praying while I work helps too!!

I would like to quilt these blocks - remember now I'm still learning free-motion quilting, so I'm very slow.  It takes me a while to figure out what to quilt on the blocks!  I hope to get this bird block done too.
Have fun everyone! 


Thursday, January 27, 2011

Bump and Word Up Sewing Party

Did you all notice I didn't post anything for the Friday Night Sew-in?  The only progress I made was moving my sewing machine from my floor to the dinning room table.  I just didn't think that was exciting enough to post about.

I think it's been 3 weeks since I lasted worked on my quilt.   Hmmm....I ought to feel bad that I don't want to quilt but I don't.  I have have plenty of excuses;

The house is cold
I had to watch the grandkids
There was a really good movie on
I had to take my daughter shopping for Formal

Yep, good excuses but not the real reason.  I don't even have a good reason.  I'm in a sewing slump and loving it!! 

Do you want to see how Serena's hair turned out for Formal?

Let me tell you about that bump.  Serena didn't like it - but her girlfriend, Liz, who was fixing her hair insisted on it.  The third friend said she was worried because could see Serena didn't like it and she could see that Liz wasn't going to take it out.  I love it!  I think that after Serena got use to the idea, and had a ton of compliments she was okay with it.  

Now this Saturday (drum roll please)  is ....

Hosted by Kelly of Charming Chatter and Kris of Dandelion Quilts.  I already told Kelly I'm in. 
Now, should we take bets to see if I actually do any quilting? 

Hope to see you there - and I certainly hope you are not as bad as me with your sewing!

Friday, January 21, 2011

Paula's Challenge - Favorite Color Scheme

I thought I would take the time to enter Paula's Challenge.  The challenge is to show a quilt that is your favorite color scheme.  I don't really have one.  With so many available who could have just one?  And once I work on a quilt for a long time it's so refreshing to start working with a different color scheme. 

So here's my current color scheme love: 

 Greens and yellows. 

Fabric is Origins

Or Greens and browns
Fabric is Lily & Will by Bunny Hill

But next week it will be something else. That's what I love about quilting - so many fabrics!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Bad Truck and Friday Night Sew-in

I received some sad news today.  Our truck in done; it's tired and needs a new rear end.  (Well, me too! I would like a younger one also.) 

I'm was actually pretty upset over this - trying not to be depressed. It's hard enough each month without adding a truck payment to the mix.  What do you do when you are depressed?   I usually call one of my daughters.  They are always so cheery and the grand kids so fun it really lifts my mood.  

Oh yea.  I just remembered my word for the year - Peace.  That's right I would like to have Peace about things and not be striving.  I know that things always work out, and these are not the worse of problems to have.  I suppose I just need to put my trust in the Lord, count my blessings and quit complaining. 

I do have some good news too.  I was reminded that this Friday is the  Heidi's Friday Night Sew-in!!

I haven't had time for my sewing in more than a week. So this should get me going.  Would you like to come join the fun?  I hope to be working on quilting my BOM quilt.  Although you never know, maybe a new project will strike my fancy. 

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Update on Camping in Quartzsite

Quartzsite - See the Q in white up on the mountain? At the base of the mountain are RVs and Swap meets.
Now that I'm home - and it's cold and overcast here and did I mention cold?  Well, my favorite thing about AZ was the warm weather.  Nice 70 degree weather. I didn't realize Arizona had such nice weather in the winter.  Okay, but before I got home and realized that I live in such a cold box - my favorite part of camping was sitting around the fire cooking dinner.  Sometimes it's hard to get teenagers to talk.  My daughter never complains - she just so cute about that.  I know what she's thinking but she keeps her mouth shut.  So - this was NOT her favorite camping trip.  Swap meets and rocks are NOT her thing at all!!  As we were sitting around the campfire talking and joking I watched her start having fun and enjoying our time together.  And oh are the sunsets ever pretty in the desert!
Serena texting - yep she's a teenager! Notice the new mat.

There were so many swap meets - maybe 5 to 7 different areas.  One was mostly rocks.  And another was mostly crafty kind of things.  There were lots of antiques.  And RVs!!  RVs for sale, RV supplies and RV parts!  Quartzsite seems like "RV City".

We did a lot of walking and looking (just a little bit of buying)  The swap meets were so large that in two days we went to three of the swap meets and didn't even get to the other ones.  We only had time to cover 1/2 of the one with the rocks - which was okay with me and Serena. 

We came across an Antique type place.  Well, that's what the signs said.  We walked up and we could smell the cats even though it was outside - we are talking major smell here.   When we came across the owner and nice elderly man, I asked how many cats do you have?    He answered "13".   I could tell he really loved his cats - they were all friendly and wanted to be petted.  We were warned not to call kitty, kitty or they would all come running. 

At a different antique vendor, Serena spied these cast-iron banks. Of course we wanted Serena to get something.  But the price was pretty high, so hubby dicker and got the price down.   He's really good at that.

Then she spied another one that she liked - oh why not, she's such a good girl.

This Trick Dog one is fun - put a coin in his mouth, pull the lever and he jumps through the hoop. The coin lands in the barrel.  (See why I had to buy her two?)

For our RV we bought a mat that goes in front of the steps outside. (See picture above of Serena with the mat) It was 1/2 the price of the ones in the stores. Yea!  It's nice to have a large mat, keeps the dirt or rocks out.  Each time we go out we try to buy just one thing to make life in the RV better.  It takes a while to get everything you need for camping. 


Friday, January 14, 2011

Camping in Quartzsite, AZ

This morning we are off to go camping!  Personally I think it's nuts to run off to the desert to go camping.  Camping ought to be in the mountains or maybe near the beach. But when my Sewful Sister, Anita Jo told me about Quartzsite, AZ she also mentioned the word - Swap meet.  I don't even like swap meets, but for some strange reason the thoughts of a month long swap meet, RV Show and Gem Shop is just irresistible! 

I went home and made plans to go to Quartzsite.  Then I found out that there will be several people I know going there.  My Sewful Sister, Anita Jo for one, my sister's sister-in-law, who makes stained glass items, my son-in-law's employers, another friend Marti and my sister, the bride and her new groom.  It will be her first time there also. 

This will be an adventure. Remember the movie Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure? We'll see after this if will be a thumbs up or down.  Either way it will be nice for our family to spend time together.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

I was tagged by Sunny of Quilting Dreams

I was tagged by Sunny of Quilting Dreams with the Liebster Blog blogger award!

Liebster Blog is an award to highlight your favorite 'wee' blogs out there--the ones that we love that don't have huge numbers of followers.

First, I would like to say Thanks Sunny.  I really enjoy your blog,  your humor, your pictures and your creative works.

Now that it's my turn, here are the "wee" blogs that I'd like to highlight:

Peas in a Pod  Mama Pea always has some very entertaining things to say each day.  She has beautiful quilts and other projects, reviews, and give-a-way notices. 

The Vegetarian Hunter  Don't let the name fool you, Carolyn has some great quilty ideas and projects, and fun everyday life stuff happening at her blog.

Marilizs Musings I think of Marilizs blog as light hearted.  I always enjoy visiting her for a quick happy view of life.  She has such lovely fabric that she works with. 

Paula's Sewing Challenges  Paula's site is fairly new.  She has challenges for quilters. It's fun to enter and fun to see other's work.  She also have so really cool prizes to go along with those challenges.

Quilt Times with Sue.  She's from West Yorkshire. She quilts and even writes patterns.  Her book (published by Martingale) will be coming out in the Summer of 2011.

If you wish to accept this tag, feel free to post about it! Don't forget to mention who tagged you, and spotlight 3-5 of your favorite 'wee' blogs (as in, the aim is to highlight blogs with fewer than 300 followers, so spread the love!), and let people know you tagged them.

What are you waiting for? Go check them out!   I hope you enjoy these blogs as much as I do.

And now a picture because no post should be without one.  Below are Barq's and Briar's Rootbeer sleeping on my lap.  There is a third puppy on the floor.  The rule of the house is - if there's dog on your lap, you don't have to get up.  Someone else has to answer the phone, get the snacks, change the TV, you get the idea. 

And here's a picture of the progress I've made with the crocheting.  Don't laugh, it's not much. 
Someday this may be a beanie. 

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

If I were setting goals...

I sort of want to post my goals for January. 

I've been doing this now for a couple years.  But to be honest with you, I really don't care right now if I have any goals.  It could be the weather.  Or it could be that it is time for us to get our taxes together.  If I were going to set goals they would be:

Finish quilting, the BOM.  I have it 1/4 of the way quilted. Yea for me!  And it's turning out great.
My next project would be this bag holder. I need to make a new one or at least replace the elastic because 

as you can see the bags fall out of the bottom. 
And it's kind of funny because my husband never notices the bags all over the pantry floor.  He just keeps stuffing bags in there! 

And if I were setting goals my last goal would be:  Scarlett's skirt. 

That wouldn't be that many goals for this month.  Only 3.  But I'm just not sure I want to commit to that.

I would rather sit around and eat these.  Our family favorite.  Mincemeat filled sugar cookies.  YUM!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Great date - 1/11/11

For all us number people out there - this is a great date  1/11/11.  I work with numbers a lot throughout the day, so I do think dates like this are cool.

My grandmother had a joke that one could crochet if they could count to 8.  The pattern she was working with consisted of lots of 8's.  She would get all mixed up with her counting, laugh and have to rip out her stitches.  I have to laugh at myself.  (I'm relearning to crochet) Mine consists of series of 1 and 2s!!  I keep getting all mixed up and ripping them out too!  My grandma was so right!

One nice thing about crocheting is that once you have it down you can sit in front of the TV and just relax.  Which is what I want to do.  For Christmas my husband and I bought a "together gift" and purchased a big screen TV.  My daughter was so worried about her children coming over and knocking it over and it killing them.  We knew right away we were going to need a good sturdy TV stand.  So my husband went off looking at TV stands for flat screens.  I gave him instructions to buy one that is medium colored wood.

Oh I thought I had the picture of it - well hopefully tomorrow I can post that picture.  He did a really good job and I'm so pleased with it. (Wow, can you imagine sending your husband off to buy a piece of furniture for the livingroom?  I can't believe I do that kind of stuff.)  It is a really nice piece of furniture. And it's sturdy - even DD approved and will allow the grandkids to come over. 

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

I'm a Central Park Winner!

I'm so pleased that my name was pulled for Sara's give-a-way at My Sewing Room.  Sara has reached her 200th post.  (Yep, I really do think that is amazing. sure to check out Sara's blog - she really has some interesting things going on over there.)  For her give-a-way prize she offered up a Central Park charm pack.  Oh these are so my colors

Sara, this was so sweet of you to offer this charm pack - I totally love it!  Thank you so much!!
I know I'm going to love working this charm pack. I'm so glad Moda came up with the idea of charm packs - I've had a lot of fun with them.