Monday, April 30, 2012

Waterfall #2

Our next waterfall was an easy walk.  As you can tell from the pictures the fog was just starting to move in.

See how easy this path is?  And look at that archway made of flowers.
A slightly closer view of the flower archway.

And my very fun sister and her husband - it was their Anniversary Weekend.  (27 years!)
Look there on the left corner - That's the waterfall!

In my last post the waterfall picture was dark from tree shadows, these waterfall pictures are light from the fog.  Do you see those cute little birds playing in the fresh water?  They were so cute!

It was a lovely walk and a lovely waterfall.
This waterfall used to fall right into the ocean, but a huge storm pushed up all this sand. I wonder how long it will take for the ocean to remove all that sand and the waterfall to once again fall straight into the ocean.

One more picture of the ocean just for fun.

I suppose it's not suprising that I'm anxious to go camping or to the coast again.

Happy Camper Linda

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Waterfall #1

Me and Mark
Big Sur is right on the coast line and has these wonderful Redwoods.  They are so huge and beautiful. Can you see some in the background? Those are small ones. Redwoods get big enough to drive a small car through.

So off we go (Mark and I) and my sister, Cindy, and her husband Brian.  We were told it was 1/4 mile up and 1/4 mile across to this Pfeffer waterfall.  Easy Peasy, Right?

It was a nice walk - at first - with such pretty scenery.

Such pretty clover and flowers.

And irises - Hey I have those in my backyard!

But I don't have this in my backyard - this is poison oak.  Stay away for that stuff!!!

It turned out to be a very strenuous all UP HILL Hike!   We were panting and ready for a rest by the time we stopped. But we all LOVED it.  It was fun and we saw a snake, lizards with bright blue tails and tons of flowers.  The waterfall (and end of the hike) was a welcome sight - Sorry the picture is rather dark - there were deep shadows from the redwoods around us.  It was cool and peaceful.

I have a better waterfall to show you later.

Happy Hiker Linda

Friday, April 27, 2012


My normal blogging has been interrupted - as we set off as happy little campers up Hwy 1.
For those of you that don't know, Hwy 1 is a winding, switch back kind of road. The scenery is beautiful as the highway runs along the California's coast.   (Did I mention the switch backs? Yeah, I think that is all there is on this highway. I personally think it's fun to drive. Even pulling the trailer.)

We camped in Big Sur with my two sisters and their husbands.

Here's my Markie Poo getting into the trailer.  He is fun to go camping with.

I love the crisp cool air and the wildflowers that are all over.
Life is so peaceful when we are camping enjoying nature.

More pictures later!

Happy Camper, Linda

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Gettin' it Done

I've been working on my Kick in the Pants quilt. 
Yay!!  I'm having a good time with it.
What happened to this picture? - not very good quality. It must be because I took it at night
I did sew all the rows together, added the little yellow flange and I've sewn on two of the borders.

This is a close of the border print.

Where I live roses grow super well.
So I have lots of different rose bushes around my house.
I thought I would show you my one of my favorites.
I've loved roses with a blend of orange & yellow since I was in High School.
I planted it front and center in my back yard - so I see it as soon as I walk in my house and from the dining room and kitchen. 

Now check out this rose bush. It's a Jackson-Perkins Rose.
Do you see that it is a blend of pink and white. The plant is about 7 years old.
And this is the first year it has produced two colored flowers. Previously they were solid pink.

This is another favorite of mine. I love the many ruffles of petals this rose has.

And this one I consider my birthday flower. At our old house this plant would bloom each year on my birthday.  How cool is that?  At the house I'm in now it starts blooming a couple weeks before my birthday, but I still consider it my birthday flower. 

Last year I planted sweet peas.  Oh I love that they reseed themselves and I have flowers again this year with no effort on my part.  

Even though I'm late, I'm going to link up with Sandra Kaye and her Get-em-Done Link Party.
Have you met Sandra Kaye yet?  She's a girl that loves color! And I enjoy her blog, there is always something fun and inspiring over there.

Happy Stitching,
Nicey Linda

Friday, April 13, 2012

Want to hear something dumb that I did? (Yeah, I thought you would.)

Want to hear something dumb that I did?  (Yeah, I thought you would.)

A couple years back, when I was sewing on these blocks, I ran out of green. So one day while in the fabric shop I found some more.  I knew for sure it was the same color.  Came home and GUESS WHAT?  It wasn't.  So did I stop there? 

NO!  Cause that would be the SMART thing to do.

I sewed them up.  

LOL!!  WHAT was I thinking?  Hmmm.... I guess I wasn't thinking!  Is that funny or what?

So now years later, I can't find that same olive greenish kind of green anywhere.   I finally found some fabric that's not quilter's cotton.  It's a bit heavier fabric.  I sure hope it works.  I removed the lighter green and used this solid.  
Well, I think it reads better.  So hopefully when the quilt is just thrown over the bed or over a person, it will be okay.

And for your viewing pleasure, here are my blocks all sewn into rows.
This is on my list of things to do after work tonight.   What are your plans?

Happy Stitching,
Nicey er..Dummy Linda 

Thursday, April 12, 2012


Black Neck Swans
One day last week we all hopped in our vehicles and headed to Los Angeles to go to the zoo.

Violet Pointing to the Tortoise 
I told her how when I was a kid, we had a tortoise (not this big by any means!) and his name was Castle Duke. We loved him and fed him dandelions.  

Tortoise eating leaves.
Hard to get a good picture but I'm sure you all understand. Taking pictures was secondary to running around with the kids and grandkids looking at animals and eating ice cream!  

I saw this white headed pelican and thought of  Sunny. 
This picture is for you, Sunny.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Shall we pick a winner?

It's that time - time to pick our winner.  And the winner is....
(Drum roll please.....)


"Eleanor Burns was my first quilt teacher in a little fabric store in So. Calif. I can still see her "ripping" strips - lights and darks for her famous log cabin in a day quilt. Her books then were typed and I still have it. Would love her tribute to the first ladies book to add to my collection. I would join Michelle Obama's bandwagon to curb obesity."

Terry,  you are set up as a no-reply blogger.  So I'll give you a couple days to contact me with your email address.    Oh I do remember ripping those strips!!  I took a class to learn to quilt, they were teaching using   Eleanor's Log Cabin in a Day.  We were so nervous about ripping the fabric.   It really was a lot of fun!  I don't really remember when we stopped doing that.   

Happy Stitching,
Nicey Linda

Monday, April 2, 2012

Update to UFO and Flying Geese Quilt

Hubby worked on his Flying Geese.
Here are the rows.
And the sashing material
Do you like it so far?
And here is the completed quilt top.
Oh my gosh, I couldn't get the dog off the quilt! It's always Neptune and KitKat (my other dogs) that are being Photo Hogs, I don't know why Sugar decided this was her quilt and she was bound and determined to stay on it. Maybe it's because Hubby made it, and she is his dog.  

As for me. Yep! I've been keeping up with my 15 minutes a day.  And the quilt "Kick in the Pants" is coming along quite nicely. 
I have a nice stack of blocks to sew together.

Happy Stitching,
Nicey Linda