Sunday, February 7, 2021

Never Say Never

 Okay. I am laughing at myself. Years ago I had a friend who said “Never say Never”.  Well she was actually talking about having affairs. And I knew at age 20 I would NEVER do that, and I haven’t. (Although some of my best friends have.) But when it come to having blue pillows on my bed, I was wrong. 

I so love my new homemade pillows. And darn if those pillows didn’t need that stupid darn blue pillow.  Hahaha

And didn’t I say I wasn’t moving to Arkansas?  Well that falls into this “Never say Never” category too. We have been fixing up our house and have listed it.  So far we have had 21 showings in two days. 5 more scheduled for today. Ugh!!! 

 Actually it’s been fun, we hide out in our motor home, parked in our extra lot and spy on the people. Hehehe.  We some some fun ones,  one mom shaking her head at EVERYTHING.  Even the grass was not good enough for her. lol  

Well I’m stitching news: I’ve finished the camera  and now need to frame it.  I’ve started the wedding dress - flower one.  I’m doing the #ilovetostitch2021 Facebook group. The goal is to stitch 30 minutes per day.  So that is my goal.  I hope to finish this project and start another one before the month is over.  

Happy Stitching!