Friday, October 23, 2015

A Little Trip & a Little Pouch Planned

What's new with me.

I'm taking off this weekend to San Francisco to visit my Little Sis. 
I thought it would be nice to make her a little something.
Homemade items are so nice to receive.

So...I thought a little pouch would be nice. 
But a little pouch with clear vinyl would be better!
And little pouch with clear vinyl with a zipper even better!

Off to Pinterest  I went. And found:

Or maybe I'll make this one:

Wish me luck getting it made tonight. (Actually wish me luck finding my zippers! Where, oh where did I put those?)  I'm leaving early (4 am) in the morning. 

I'll also be traveling with Lily (and her Mommy) - how fun is that?    
A coffee place will be the first stop - and none for Lily!

Happy Stitching,

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

WIP, Vanilla Creamer & Lily

Look I did it!- added the next black border - but it's wavy. 
That has NEVER happened before. So it's off with the border and fixing will happen.

Are we done talking about quilts?

Well, for this post we are.

Instead let's talk about Vanilla Creamer and Lily.

My husband and I love vanilla coffee creamer.  If a restaurant doesn't have it, we either don't go or I bring my own. (Sad isn't?)

Okay so Little Lily sees us and wants to be just like us.

 There's a couple drops of creamer in the container and a bit of water in the mug.

"Ahhh" says Lily - "Good to the last drop!"

Happy Stitching and Sipping,

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Monday, October 19, 2015

Christmas Bells - Giveaway?

Look what I found in my mailbox?

Jennifer Chiaverini's newest book to review!

And it's a Christmas Book!  How cool is that?
I really enjoy Chiaverini's books.  We all know she is a wonderful story teller, and she always bends all that wonderful research into the story.  This book has two story-lines, one of Henry Longfellow - who wrote the poem Christmas Bells and another about a music teacher in modern day Boston.  I'm so happy to have this book, and the weather has suddenly turned cold.  Perfect reading time. 

I don't keep books after I've read them, so I'm thinking after I finish this, I should have a give-away for one of my followers.  

Happy  stitching er reading,


Thursday, October 15, 2015

Thunderstorms & Courthouse Blocks

Last night we had a whopper of a thunderstorm.

Picture taken by Claudia Salanic 

Picture taken by Jake Tovar

And this morning we had beautiful skies.
I walked outside and took these pictures.

And in sewing news:  I finished the all courthouse blocks for the Midnight Mystery.

While that is really good news - it's also bad, because that means I now have to work on Angela's Star Quilt AKA the "Wah Wah, I don't know what to do with this quilt" Quilt.

So let's just skip all that and just let me say,
Happy Stitching,

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Wednesday Happiness - Midnight Mystery, Star Quilt & a Funny

Remember those little cartons?  
Happiness is love, etc.

Well, for me Happiness is completed Flying Geese &
Square in a Square for the Midnight Mystery.

I still need to trim the SiaS - and I found two blocks where the directional center block is going the wrong way.  Hmmm....I thought I was so careful.  That's an easy fix.  Then I'll be on to October's Clue.

Also - I unsewed (grrr...) and switch around the blocks in Angela's Star Quilt. 

I think is looks better - more balanced. 

And I did some thinking about the design.  (For me that's the hard part.)
I'm thinking after I put on another small black border of doing SiaS (using all the different colors as the centers surrounded by black - so they look like diamond shapes) as the next border around this quilt.   Any ideas?

I asked my daughter (the non-quilter) what she liked for the border and she said she really didn't care for flying geese - well isn't that interesting?  She actually knew what they were!

Now for a little funny.
Several years ago I tried a new recipe from a cookbook.  It was NOT good.
My daughter, the one that is getting the Star Quilt, ran over and drew this next to the recipe.

A picture is worth a thousand words!
We didn't get sick and No - I never made that recipe again.  

Happy Stitching,

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