Wednesday, October 21, 2015

WIP, Vanilla Creamer & Lily

Look I did it!- added the next black border - but it's wavy. 
That has NEVER happened before. So it's off with the border and fixing will happen.

Are we done talking about quilts?

Well, for this post we are.

Instead let's talk about Vanilla Creamer and Lily.

My husband and I love vanilla coffee creamer.  If a restaurant doesn't have it, we either don't go or I bring my own. (Sad isn't?)

Okay so Little Lily sees us and wants to be just like us.

 There's a couple drops of creamer in the container and a bit of water in the mug.

"Ahhh" says Lily - "Good to the last drop!"

Happy Stitching and Sipping,

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  1. Well, I know that has to be frustrating... could you trim instead of remove?

    Hmmm... I never would have guessed that vanilla cream could be a deal breaker, but then again from this non coffee drinker I wouldn't really know. I guess the apple really doesn't fall far from the tree!

  2. Your quilt looks absolutely gorgeous. I love the crispness of the blocks against the black background. Lily is adorable, and I will gladly donate all my vanilla creamer to her. I am not a fan!

  3. Ah, the creamer: I would have to restrict my girls to just a few of them at restaurants, and we don't drink coffee, so they weren't copying us! :-) Your grand daughter is just so adorable!! Hugs, H

  4. Lovely quilt but Lily is even lovelier....
    What gorgeous photos of your darling GD.