Monday, August 17, 2020

That Blue Pillow & That Messy Sewing Room

I decided to turn my wall hanging into pillows for the RV. 

Bruce came into my sewing room - oh he's not the reason this room is a mess.  That's ALL ME!  I don't know what happens.  But it does happen!

First thing he says is:  Don't be mad at me - but I don't like the fabric that you have chosen.  Me:  Well, it's the fabric that came with the kit.

So together we decided on the different fabrics. It was a lot of fun sitting on the floor with him choosing fabrics.

See that blue pillow?
I had taken the pillow form out of it to do some measuring.
It came from Bruce's house.  I have no idea who made it.  I keep it in the closet.  (hidden in the closet.)
Bruce: I love that pillow! I have no idea why you don't.

Me: Because I don't like the patchwork on it.
Because I don't like the quilting on it.
Because I don't like edging on it.
Because I don't like the colors. 
Bruce: okay, okay!

Hey, if I had needed more excuses I would have continued listing them! LOL

The real reason is because it is blue. But when I say that people don't believe me! Everyone loves blue.  But for 50 odd years - my sister has claimed that color as hers. Her whole house is blue!  So when I see blue - well it belongs in my sister's house.  That sounds nuts to a guy.  So I use other excuses.

But I'm am starting to like blue a bit.  Unbelievably I even bought blue for the backing of my frolic quilt.  
Shhh...don't tell anyone - cuz then they will know I'm nuts.

Interestingly, my blue sister is starting to like red and using it in her home.  Which is so strange, that's the color I have decorated my house in (along with yellow and green).  So we are starting to switch colors in our old age.  

Last weekend was another beach weekend. It was lovely.
Here's Marzi-pants - she thinks I hauled that chair to the beach for her. 
I do enjoy having a good dog I can take places.

Wednesday, August 5, 2020

My Views - Flowers, Beaches & Design Boards

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This is my view as I float around in the pool. While the summer heat is here, I try to enjoy it as much as possible.

I have done a bit more on my embroidery flowers.  Not much more but a bit. I balanced out the left side with some blue flowers and more pink on the left/center.
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I still have to either add more center big leaves or take them out.  I'm so undecided about it that it has totally stalled this project for 5 months.  What do you think I should do?

In the summer, we have a pool party every Saturday.  It's just a given, come to Mom's and bring some food.  We always have a good time. Until....Covid and being locked down made my one daughter "crazy"!!!

She had to just get out of town!  So we all went to the beach.
OOOOH  that was so much fun we did it again last Saturday.

Check out this beach - NO ONE was here at 8 am.

And by
One family to the left.
And one family to the right.
  The afternoon brought the family and the FUN!
They dug a bathtub and Violet fell in!
 Mamas pouring water into the sand-tub.
And Marzipan taking a break in the shade
  Or on my rump!
And there was a little pier action.  
This is the same beach Bruce proposed to me. 
I remember sitting up here on the pier after he proposed just being happy and also very nervous to tell my daughters. One had not even met Bruce yet.  Now look at us - all at the beach together.

In non-beachy news: 

I did actually do another design board.
This one I tried harder to be neater. And it's better but still a bit wonky.
But it works! And now I have two.

I must say God has met all my needs and the needs of my "going crazy" daughter.  Hahaha.

Happy Stitching,