Friday, November 22, 2019

The Things That Hubby Does for Me

This is not the best picture but I have to show you what my hubby did while I was at work.  He brought in my sewing desk (which I forgot to take a picture of) and set about "decorating" my sewing room for me.
 I don't know where he found those little bird houses.  Maybe they came from his house.  And he found a bunch a doilies.  Which of course is our joke, since he LOVES doilies - so of course I must love them too. lol
 He arranged the "knick-knacks" and told me, I might need to arrange them myself.  But isn't that sooo sweet?  I'll leaving them this way for a while, as it's really such a nice little gift. 
 He has also been working in the yard - this corner flower bed was overgrown with a wicked ground cover.  It's looking better now.
But the biggest thing is this field of ours.  We used it for 15 years for our fence business.  There is enough room here to have a good size house and yard. (You can't really tell that from the picture.) Bruce set to work hauling away all the wood, chainlink and vinyl fencing.  Just to guess I would say about 16 truckloads of stuff.  It's amazing that it is now cleared. And he works at keeping the weeds out too.
I did help with some of those loads but more than half most he did by himself.  

I'm still working on my Bonnie Hunter fabric.  I need to buy a bit more. Really?  I can't believe with all that fabric in my closet I don't have what I need.  More on that later. 

I've been slowing working on my stitchery.

Happy Stitching,

Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Cleaning and Frolicking

Well...Hello there.

So these two things go hand in hand; my cleaning up & organizing my sewing room and Bonnie Hunter's Mystery Quilt. (Which starts on 11/22/19 - Black Friday)

I found out last year she does one every year the day after Thanksgiving. I didn't even consider last year as I think I have no scraps.  Well, did I ever find out that is so not true when I organized my fabrics. 
Look at all those scraps!  Do not look at the closet wall - that's from my daughter when she had this room. That will be painted later.

I was a good little organizer and folded all the scraps and put them in nice little neat colored piles.  (Sorry these are all pictures of the room in progress.)

I promised myself I would NOT start sewing until this room is finished.  (Which I'm still working on.)  And since I have this wild idea to start Bonnie Hunter's quilt. I have to get this room done!

I've emptied all the boxes and put all the fabric and notions away. UGH! What a job!

It's looking better just a little bit more to do before Thanksgiving weekend. 

This year Bonnie Hunter's Mystery Quilt is called Frolic and she has posted the fabric requirements. 
I've been going through my scraps as I've been putting them away.

I'll pull them, change them to black and white to check the contrast. 
Then pull some out and put others in.

I think it's getting better - still work to do on it.

And all the while I'm thinking "this is crazy!  I don't need another project!  I don't need another quilt!  I haven't finished my other quilts!  What is wrong with me???"

So...anyone else a bit crazy too?

Now back to some more organizing - I have to move my sewing machine cabinet in.

Oh before I go, I have been working on my embroidery.

Happy Sewing,

Friday, November 1, 2019

Cleaning Up

Our carpet is in!  The guys worked until 8:30 at night.
Yikes I bet they were tired
We have quite a bit of the furniture to put back into place
But not the sewing room yet - well, of course not as I'm switching the rooms.
So it doesn't look much better than before.
However! I'm not discouraged yet. I have motivation!
I want to do Bonnie Hunter's Mystery Frolic and I already told myself.  No sewing until this room is together.  
I don't know which furniture will stay in here, or how to organize it. 
My sewing machines are still in the garage with more sewing stuff.
So this is my plan for this weekend.  Now, I may cave in and doing some hand stitching after all it is Gone Sitchin' FNwF.

Have Fun Sewing,