Friday, October 26, 2018

Nothing like quilting with Rulers

✂️What have I been up to?

Oh, I'm so glad you asked.

You know about Amy's Quilting Adventures right?

I was watching her quilt in the ditch and straight lines using a ruler and her freemotion quilting foot. 

Well, she said do NOT use a regular ruler - get one made for quilting.
You can break your machine if you don't.

But of course I didn't listen.

But I do sew VERY slowly and carefully. 
I totally LOVE in the ditch or straight line quilting this way.  I much prefer this to using my walking foot.  So much so I think I'll get a Quilting Ruler.

I have my whole quilt stabilized, all blocked have been stitched in the ditch.
Now I'm working on the individual blocks. 
It's a busy quilt so I did some straight line stitching. 
What do you think?  Should I crosshatch it?

I'm having a hard time - I'm rather stuck.  How should I quilt this Cherry block?

And what about this one?  Do you have some ideas how to quilt it?

So that's my quilting news.

In other news, on Sunday Oct 21st. Angie tied the knot with her new love. They are on their way to live in Philadelphia.
 He is such a great guy and she is so much fun.
They will have a wonderful time together. 
Much Happiness to the two of them.

Yes - I've been working on my cross-stitch. I didn't even know a kitty was in the picture until after I stitched her.  

Happy Stitching,


Monday, October 8, 2018

Finding the Groove

Look what I found.  Cheery, happy fabric. (And inexpensive!)  There's even little silver glitterly lines around the ladybugs.
Just right for the backing. 

And I've gotten my quilt all sandwiched.

As I've been practicing my freemotion, I can't seem to get in the groove.   Wow, I just realized, it's been a year since I quilted Angela's quilt.  No wonder I'm rusty!
My machine probably don't even know who I am!  LOL 

Happy Stitching,