Monday, April 22, 2019

BIG News

Okay - I've been up to some pretty big things lately.  I finally have time to share with you.

We made a 
BIG Purchase

Which leads to BIG Adventures (over 2600 mile trip & several states)

And Big Mountains
And BIG Cities 
So BIG I had to memorize the map.

My little girl moved to Littleton,
Her boyfriend is in Lakewood,
His parents are in Fort Collins,
We stayed in Golden,
then stayed in Wheat Ridge,

While we were there Mr. Boyfriend ditched my daughter, came back to our campsite and asked us for permission to marry her.

YIKES! That was a BIG conversation.

Which led to her getting a BIG rock at Red Rock Canyon, Colorado
and a big smile!
My family is getting BIGGER.

And BIG smiles from me and Bruce.
So that is what I've been busy doing.

who is looking forward to another BIG adventure.