Friday, September 21, 2018

September Ramblings

I have started working on my cross-stitch.  I'm only working on it during my 15 minute breaks at work.  

In the meanwhile, my littlest girl just turned 23.  She was on a mission trip and met a very nice guy from Colorado.... now she is talking about moving there and being able to work at the Christian Outreach program they have....Hmmm....I wonder if this will get serious.  Maybe it already is and I just don't know it!

After Mark passed, I went to Griefshare - it's a wonderful program and I highly recommend it.  
While there I met Angie, she had just lost her husband six months before me. We have cried and encouraged each other as we have struggled to come to terms with our lost.  I think it's wonderful that God knew we needed each other and provided us with this great friendship.  

She has now found someone to share her life with and I couldn't be happier for her.  She will be moving to Pennsylvania, I'm not so happy about that!  LOL We both agree that we are in a much better place and can't believe how far we have come.   

Yesterday I went with her to pick out a wedding dress.
Today she and her new love are looking at wedding rings. 

So I think that sums up my month of Sept.  I could tell you that I might actually work on a quilt - but you wouldn't believe me.  hahaha

 Happy Stitching,