Friday, September 30, 2011

Step #5 (Final Step YEA!!!) for Little Forest Quilt Along.

You do know what today is don't you?  That's right!  The final step; step #5 of the Little Forest Quilt Along.  YEA!!!!! 

Can you believe we are now at the final part? 

Step # 5  Bind your quilt and post the finished project on the Little Forest Quilt Along Flicker Group.  This is an important step - because a give-away will be connected to this. Deadline is Oct 7, 2011.  

Okay here's my binding fabric.  Nice and Christmasy. 
If you need a little help with the binding, check out Oh, Fransson's tutorial. I have found that I like cutting 2 1/4 inch strips for my binding, instead of the standard 2 1/2. I make a double fold and end up with a nice fit. The batting fills up the binding. Much nicer than having empty loose binding.

Remember last week I said I have a tendency to procrastinate when it comes to the quilting.  Oh dear.  I did that. 

Of course last night (yep - I procrastinated right down to the last day!)  I cracked the whip and made hubby pin the quilt. 

He's so good at pinning - I'm serious.  The man has a talent for pinning a quilt nice and tight.

One reason I procrastinated is because I didn't know how to quilt it.  But because the pressure was on, I just sat down and did it.  Well, started it anyway. I should be able to finish it and the binding before Oct 7th.

I put his name in there as a surprise. 

And I have to thank all of you because there is no way I would have gotten this far on my Little Forest Quilt  without you.  THANKS!!!

Thanks to you all for joining and posting your pictures. It's been so fun to see every one's interpretation. Didn't you think we had totally awesome forests? I truly like each and every one. I learned something too because I never would have thought to do brights and/or Polk-dots.

And a special THANKS to Stephanie for hosting this quilt along with me!  Don't forget to check out her blog, Peas in a Pod.

Now are you ready for my dirty little secret?  I love french fries.  Totally love them with lots of salt. (And I mean LOTS of salt.)  So instead of salting all the fries - thereby making them too salty for everyone, I sprinkle salt on the paper mat.  Then rub my fries in it. Like other people do with ketchup.  Yesterday I noticed I went through 3 packages of salt!  WHAT??  I realized I had passed on my terrible habit to all the grandkids!!  See there's Violet caught in the act!!

BAD Grandma - I'm going to have to change my evil ways.  But not today - maybe tomorrow.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

I'm so excited!

I'm so excited.  I know I shouldn't be excited about something so silly, but I just can't help it.  And I know that all you fabric addicts, er, I mean lovers, will understand.

I went to the store for batting for the Little Forest Quilt Along.  Hubby went with me.  Oh Big Mistake.
First he wanted to get wool batting. Not happening.  I'm sticking to my usual batting that I know will work.  As I was having the batting cut, he brought up this fabric.  Squeal!  Isn't it cute?  See? He makes me spend money.  And on Fabric!!

It was his idea to make pillowcases for the trailer.  Oh...good idea. And yes, this fabric would be cool with the different states.  It even has my state California. And we do need another set of pillowcases. 

I don't know why buying that one piece of fabric set me off - but it did!  I went back and bought what I really wanted to buy.

Aren't they wonderful?  I have wanted some Halloween fabric for so long.  I'm going to make pillowcases for the family (well, most of the family.)  No wait!  Hubby is going to make pillowcases. He got me started and I'll let him finish it.

This is for him. 

This is for me.  The guys at work were shocked that I like spiders.  I think it is so cute.

The rest of the fabric will be for the grand kids and the trim and bands of the pillowcases.

Now if he's sewing pillowcases while I'm at work  - I should be able to quilt my Little Forest Quilt in the evening.  This might just work out fine.


Monday, September 26, 2011

Veggie Hunter is having a Giveaway

Just thought you might like to know that Veggie Hunter is giving away some cool Halloween items.

She will have two winners.

So go check out her giveaway.


Friday, September 23, 2011

Little Forest Quilt Along - Step #4

Howdy!  Ready for Step #4?

Have you all completed all the trees and rows?  Is it just glorious?

Hubby finished up the trees and sewed the rows.  (I did the pinning.  Let me just say pinning is not as much as fun as sewing!)  I figured I better get a picture before it got dark.

Here's what happened next:

and here's how it looks at night on my living room floor. (YUCK!!)

The llighting is just so bad.  My trees look brown!! This morning I ran out and snapped a picture. 


And here's it is with the backing. 

So now Step #4.  Make a sandwich and quilt. 

This is the hardest part for me.  I just procrastinate and diddle around.  But now with the quilt along I have to get it done - so let me go find my quilting notes and get started.

Oh wait - before I do, I think I'll go check out Stephanie's blog, Peas in a Pod, and see if she has posted about the Little Forest Quilt Along and then after that I can check out the Little Forest Quilt Along Flicker Group for new pictures....See how it is?  I'm procastinating all ready!


Thursday, September 22, 2011

Going to the Fair....

Our County Fair opened yesterday. You know what means?  Free admission until 5 pm.  I do like getting in free.  I was so excited about going to the Fair that I forgot my phone.  DUH!! 

So all these pictures are from my daughter's phone.

Pig Tails

The kids were excited to see the animals.  One good thing about going to the fair on opening day - the pens do not stink.

Little Pet Shop Planter

The kids flipped over this display that had a turtle and the Little Pet Shop toys.  So fun to watch them.

The Fair has a section just for kids - here they are suppose to find different objects in the boxes

Climb on top if all else fails and get a better view.

Bubble fun....
Hey Mommy, what happened to my bubble???

Hugs to Grandpa for buying cotton candy

Nothing like going to the fair with kids. 


Monday, September 19, 2011

Design Wall Monday

Here's what on my design wall.  The Little Forest Quilt Along quilt.

Most of this was sewn by Hubby.  (I did most of the pinning and ironing) Not only is he good at running the sewing machine, he quickly figured out that I could spot a seam that's not 1/4 inch a mile away and is now a quiz with the sew ripper.  LOL!! We had a great time sewing together.

I do have a 1/4 inch foot for my Babylock machine and I got it out for Hubby to use. 

It has that little edge that sticks out and he had no problem.  Boy, was it a blessing to have. Myself, I have a really hard time using it.  I'm used to having a mark that I run my fabric along and get my scant 1/4 inch seam. 

I also added leaves to my Stay at Home Robin

Check out Judy at Patchwork Times to see what's happening of other Design Walls

Friday, September 16, 2011

Little Forest Quilt Along - Step 3

How are you all doing on your trees?  Have you made 1/2 of them?

I have.  Here are the top half of my trees. 

Just teasing - I've made the bottom half too.  And I have about 1/2 of my trees completed.

Now for STEP #3

For this next week we will be completing the second 1/2 of our trees. And (this is the part I just love) sewing the rows together!  I love seeing my squares turn into a quilt top.  

Have you seen the other trees on the Little Forest Quilt Along Flicker Group?  They are wonderful!!  Check them out - it's so much fun seeing each other's work and ideas. And don't forget to check out Peas In A Pod (Stephanie's Blog.) 

Now would you like to hear about the big change in my house?

Something so funny and horrible that I can't decide whether to laugh or cry?

My hubby has decided to sew. Yes, the man who uses a sledge hammer to fix things. Well, it works when you are putting up a fence or taking one down. Actually he's been saying for a long time he would like to learn.  What better time than on a quilt that is for the family and one that is being paper pieced?  (I didn't have to explain about sewing a 1/4 seam!!)

You know I had to snap a picture!!

Oh I see there is a stray balloon from Serena's party under his chair.   Do you pop all the balloons after a party or let them die a natural death?  We usually just let them die.  But sometimes they get on my nerves (just hanging around like that) and I go after them with a knife.

He did a really good job.

And the horrible part is....he liked it! Yep, you guessed it.  I don't want to share my baby - my sewing machine!  I think this story will have "to be continued" as we start looking for another machine.

PS  Don't forget, tonight is

Sign up at Heidi's Blog.  I'll see you there!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

New Iron

I've seen several people post about their irons giving out on them. 

I started thinking how old is my iron?  Well, I was married to my ex - so it lasted longer than him, and I've been married to Mr. Wonderful for - oh gosh I don't remember how long....17 years?  So that puts this iron at least 25 to 28 years old.

Wow!!  That's a good iron.  (Protor-Silex)

And guess when it gave out? When I was trying to get my Round Robin center done!  Like I don't have enough problems with that center, first not liking my fabric, then not being able to make perfect yo yos and now the iron not heating.

Now I know many people ask for suggestions when their iron went out - but not me.  I had only two requirements.  That it be sold at WalMart cause that my closest place and that it be light weight.

So here's my beauty.  I picked it because it's light weight and it had a $5.00 off coupon!  What more could a girl ask for?

So I took it home and looked at it - huh...what's this little red gauge thingy for?

And where does the water go in?

Oh my gosh I have to read the manual!!!  Wow things have really changed in the ironing world if I have to read a manual to use an iron.  LOL

And the best feature of this iron - auto shut off.  Every time, and I do mean every time, we go on vacation I beg and plea for my husband to turn around because I've forgotten to turn off the iron and I think the house will burn down.  I have turned it off - I just think I haven't.  Hence the begging and pleading, hubby knows I've turned it off.  No problem now. 

Friday, September 9, 2011

Little Forest Quilt Along - STEP 2

Oh yes, this is good.  We are now moving on to Step #2

Are you excited?  I am!!!

Time to cut!  I love to cut.  I usually sit on the floor and watch a movie with my husband.  I cut and cut and just have a wonderful time. 

Of course all my cutting is closely inspected by KitKat. 

And then start sewing!! Our goal is to sew up about 1/2 the trees this week.   I love sewing too.  I can sew and watch a scary movie with my daughter.  She likes horror movies and I'm always so scared! This way I can hide behind the sewing machine.  Cuz no monster can find me there!!

Fake sewing my little tree

I'm used the Paper Piecing method by Arianes' Crafts and it was super easy.  She gives great instructions and actually turned out quite nice.  Thanks Ariane!!  I really like it (Tree trunks to be added later.)   I haven't paper pieced before and this was pretty cool.

Just to let you know it's not too late to join the Little Forest Quilt Along just sign up at the Flicker Group.
Be sure to post your pictures as you create your trees.  We want to see them!

And Kristin Witzenburg made a Button for the Little Forest Quilt Along - it's super easy to apply to your blog and lists the blogs that are posting about it.  You can find out more as she was a guest poster at Peas in a Pods.  If you need anything like this for yourself - she's available. 

Oh and don't forget to check out Stephanie's blog today about the Little Forest Quilt Along. 


Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Round Robin Center Complete (maybe) YAY!

Here's part of the the center for the Sunny's Round Robin.

What I truly do not understand is why it takes me so long.  I thought I could complete the center within a day - actually a couple hours.  So I took off with my hubby on the bike all day Sunday.  Went shopping Monday morning with my Daughter.   Don't go with her - she makes one spend too much money!  Who knows what I did Monday afternoon.  BUT come Monday evening I thought I could finish the center.  NOPE - NO WAY.

I did get everything cut out and the vines sewn on and it was time for bed.  How did that happen?  Does this happen to you to?  Or are you able to correctly estimate your sewing time?

One thing that was kind of funny, I couldn't find my invisible thread.  Hehehe!!  Get it?  It's invisible??  Luckily I had another spool.

So Tuesday night I was thinking it will take about an hour to complete.  Two and a half hours, and Boo Woo it's time for bed and I'm still not finished. 

Today I finished this up at lunch time.

Doesn't it look better with the little yoyos and buttons?  Now your opinion please, should I add leaves or not?

Friday, September 2, 2011

Small Blog Meet

Lilly's Quilts is having a Small Blog Meet.  It's a way for people with small blog (50 followers or less) to connect and get some exposure.  I think this is a wonderful idea.  I love reading other blogs whether big or small.  It's a wonderful way to get to know others, be inspired and start friendships. 

If you are new to my blog - I mostly talk about quilting, but the truth of the matter is quilting is only part of my life so I ending up sharing about my kids, dogs, camping and motorcycling. I sometimes share my daughter's cupcake making endeavors.  Like this one.  She just had her 16th birthday last weekend and insisted that we make her cake together.  (I was so worried about it because I thought it would turn out really cheesy - and if you think it did, that's okay because we had a blast!)  The header of my blog is a quilt that my daughter and I also made together.  And isn't that a wonderful part of life sharing things together?

So if you would like,  pop on over to Lilly's Quilts with me and lets check out some small blogs together. 


Round Robin Quilt Along

I've been meaning to post about Sunny's Stay at Home Round Robin.  You all know Sunny, from Quilting Dreams.  Everywhere I go (on people's blogs) it seems that everyone knows her. 

The first step was to complete the center block.  I went looking through my fabrics - I felt like one of those people that have a hundred outfits and NOTHING to wear!  I hated all my fabrics. (Yep, just like a spoiled child. That's never happened to me before.) Nothing "spoke" to me.  So I started designing different centers and came up with several good designs but without the fabric - well, they aren't going anywhere.  

Finally, I decided I do like these fabrics and started making yoyos. 

Now if I could just stop running around with my hubby on that motorcycle and stay home I could get this center block finished.  

Oh and it's not too late to join, check out Sunny's blog for some more information.