Thursday, December 22, 2016

Stencil Designs & Christmas

Good Morning - so this what I'm working on.  Do you like the design I selected for the feathered star corners?  I hope it works - quilting is not for the timid.  LOL  
I have a plastic stencil of it.   
I decided to draw it out on the seal and stick (or is it stick and seal) Glad Wrap.
Close up - it will be possible to quilt even with the dark background.
The good news is it sticks really well.  But then I felt "off" and couldn't quilt that day.  I decided to draw the design on paper, and trace over it again and again. You know, practice my muscle memory on it.  

Well, on Saturday the day I usually quilt, I had to put up 107 foot wood fence with a gate. THAT took up a chunk of my day.  We worked from 5:30 am until 6:30 pm and then for some reason I didn't feel like quilting.  hehehe

In the meanwhile, Christmas is coming.  I have the presents bought, the stockings and tree up and the outside lights up.  
and my little lighted houses. 
Work had a party for the employees, and they had it at the California Living Museum. It's our local Zoo.
Scarlett and Violet (my granddaughters)
I don't know how many lights they put up - but it is truly amazing.

They have a train out there - it runs around the property. It's so fun to ride on.  
Angela and Scarlett on the train.
At one point it goes through a tunnel of lights. Oh my gosh it's so cool.

However, the seats are a bit narrow and my fanny and my son-in-law's barely fit on it.
Bad picture, I know.

They also had a carousel.
Violet and Scarlett having fun.
Lily had fun on it too!  You can see lights on the trees in the background.

They had a big tent with games, hot chocolate, cookies, popcorn, Santa and even an orchestra. The music was outstanding.  Lily was in awe and stood smiling for the longest time.  It was great fun.

I'll be cooking dinner for the family on Christmas Day. Somehow that always falls to the Mom.  Hehehe  It will be a joy. 

Many Blessing this year to you and yours.  
May all your Candy Cane Dreams come true.