Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Colorado Pillow and Low Volume Flower Project


I've started working on my Colorado pillows again.  It's been so long since I've done machine applique that I had to get out the manual to find the correct stitch.  But once I found it, I had no problem getting everything stitched down.  

I had thought I could use the steam and seam to apply the applique and not stitch it, since it would just be on a pillow that I probably wouldn't have to wash. But I soon realized that wouldn't work.  The applique was already starting to lift off.

It does look a little "grandma -ish" but I like it.  I want to have some really cozy/homey things in the motor home. Bruce did not think I should use the deer fabric, but once he saw it together he agreed it looks good.

I'm hoping to get these pillows done before we leave for our trip. Bruce is so sweet. I told him I'll be bringing a hand stitching project. He says I'll miss my sewing machine and I must bring it, some fabric and a cutting mat. And my big iron! That we would make room for it.  I told him I would be fine - I can forgo sewing for a few weeks.  He just insists that I bring it. I think he knows me well.

One of my new hand projects is a low volume embroidery. I'm going to sew lace to the bottom of the fabric and add flowers and leaves and for some extra sparkle: beads! Won't that be beautiful?  Oh and the best part is the lace is from Serena's wedding dress.  I think she will love this when I'm done. 


This is the only part of the trip that we have planned so far. Not when we are leaving or exactly where we are going or how long.  Only that I'll be bringing some sewing items.  Hahaha 

 Well, that's all I have for now.

Have fun sewing today,


Hehehe - I think I need to learn to weld!

And lastly our verse for today. 


Tuesday, September 8, 2020

Happy News and Finishes

Well, I have some happy news.  I've put my paperwork in for retirement.

Gosh it was a hard decision.  I've had a lot of thinking to do about what I want out of life, about finances and lastly how to fill how that darn paperwork!

So - the plan will be do take off early November in the motorhome just me, Bruce and Marzipan aka Marizpants.

 Bruce has a lot of relatives he wants to visit.  At first I thought about having Christmas somewhere out on the road.  Then I realized, no I'm a baby! (hahaha) I would be crying for my kids and grandkids. 

Now for my finishes!

Nothing makes me happy like a finish!

Unless it's relaxing in the pool - that makes me even happier.

Do these girls know how to relax or what?

Although this guy has it down pretty well.

I've been so blessed to have family that comes over every Saturday for the summer months.  

My other finish are the design boards.  I knew my last one would look some much better than that first one!  

And yes it is.

Gotta love that nice crisp corner! 
I do really like having these.  I may make a bigger one later.  

Have a great week! 
Happy Stitching,