Monday, September 30, 2013

Spymistress - Jennifer Chiaverini

I'm so excited!
I was contacted by Dutton Publicity & Marketing about Jennifer Chiaverini new book.

Do you see what they sent me? An advanced copy.  How fun is that?

I totally LOVE her books and I thought Chiaverini did a great job on her book, "Mrs. Lincoln's Dressmaker".  I'm sure this one will be even better. 

 The back cover of the book says it's about "...Elizabeth Van Lew, a woman who risked everything by caring for the Union prisoners of war - and stealing Confederate secrets." 

I can't wait to read this newest one. I'm thinking some hot tea and this book are on tonight's agenda. 
 I'll let you know how I like it. 


Friday, September 27, 2013

Dogs Done & Santa - not so much

I decided to put up an new banner. Is is a little better?
These are roses from my garden and depression glass.

Now I want to hear clapping because I finished ALL, yes all those BOMs (through month #9). 
 Including squaring them up.  
(Oh shoot! Shadows in the pictures.)

Here's a close up of Sugar.
I used sequins on the bow collar. And what's that thread doing there?

Here's NipNip (Neptune)
We call her NipNip when we don't want her to know we are talking about her.

And here's KitKat.
She's the worse and funniest  (in real life) of the dogs.

 And in Santa News:
Santa has gone from this

to this!
I suppose that doesn't look like much but it is! 

I'll be back with more later.

Until then; Happy Stitching,

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

BOM #6, #7, #8 are coming along!

Are you wondering if I worked on my Terrier Town Blocks?

Yes I did!

Are you wondering if I finished all 3?

Well, no, I didn't.

But I'm so happy with what I finished.

I was so hesitate to try and make those Scotties into Ratties.
But I started with a good foundation that Rosanna drew for me. (THANK YOU Rosanna!)
Added spots in just the right places and 


There go my 3 little ratties romping across the block. 

I need to add a little dark nose on each one. Do you know what kind of pen should I use?

I also finished up block # 8. This one I chose to leave as a Scottie.
I still need to machine embroider these. 

I know it's unbelievable but I also worked on BOM #7
Which are actually 4 different blocks.
I still need to cut the rick rack for stems, iron down everything and machine embroider it.
Sounds like fun right?

What kind of fun are you having?


Friday, September 6, 2013

Quilty Dogs & a Picture to Make You Smile

I picked up my next BOM for Terrier Town.  And now I have 3 months worth of blocks.  
Now when I started this BOM I promised myself I wouldn't get behind.
  It's only a block each month.  Easy Peasy! 

So what happened?  I bet I'm not the only one that gets behind on a simple project. 

So you see those three Scottie Dogs romping on that block?  Cute huh?
Well, my DD Rosanna, turned them into Rat Terriers. 
We have three little Ratties. One doggie with a black spot, one doggie with tan spots and one doggie with dark brown ones.

Won't that just be adorable?
I love changing up a design and making it personalized.
Yes, Mommy it should be me on that quilt - see I'm keeping you safe from these Rouge Stuffed Animals!
So there you have it - my goal for this weekend: do all three BOMs
and if I don't completed them, then I'll change it to be my goal for the month. LOL

Okay one last picture to make you smile
What a picture! Rosanna captured him jumping into the Jazuzzi.

Love you all!
Happy Stitching,