Tuesday, August 17, 2021

Bats & Boos - Pumpkin Block

 Blocks of the week or month have always been an easy thing for me. Until the puppy came!

Oh my she takes up so much of my time. Playing with her, taking her out to potty 20 times a day. It all adds up to an incomplete pumpkin block.

Although I much admit I’ve been having so much fun working on it. 

So I need to go sew while she is sleeping.

Happy Stitching,




  1. It's like having a newborn in the house. LOL Your fabric choice for the pumpkins is very cute. I have the bats and pumpkins made, and have printed the pattern for this week. But haven't gotten as far as my sewing room yet.

  2. Looking after your sweet puppy, and sewing fun blocks; it seems your days are filled with joy.

  3. Oh and she is such a cute distraction!
    The pumpkin 🎃 blocks are looking great.