Thursday, August 5, 2021

Bats and Boos Mystery

 Now that I’m in a new place and most of the house is put together I was curious about the quilting shop in town.  Bats and Boos Mystery gave me the perfect excuse. 

Before moving I greatly reduced my fabric. So much of it I was given, had stored for years and to be honest I was never going to use it. The best part was letting my granddaughter come over and take any thing she wanted. I also gave her my mothers machine & cabinet, scissors, thread and any notion I could think of. 

Well back to the Bat & Boos

I love the fabrics I found. I love Halloween fabrics.

 I admit it was fun to cut and label the squares for the bats. It’s been so very long since I’ve seen.  I sewed a little bit and hope to do some more sewing this afternoon. 

This is my daughter Serena teaching a little girl to skate. Check out her reaction when she accomplished her goal. 

We should all be so happy with our accomplishments big and small.

Now it’s ice tea time!

Happy Stitching

See you all soon!



  1. I am so tempted to at least make the bat blocks for Bats & Boos. So cute. I have the pattern printed, so that’s the first step. So glad you are doing a little sewing again now that you are mostly settled in to the new location.

  2. Lovely fabrics - looking forward to seeing what you make with them. xx

  3. I'll bet it felt good to downsize. Now you can enjoy the fabrics you really love!