Friday, March 20, 2015

Saving 20 Bucks - Hawaiian Place Mats

Yippie Kiyai!

Here are my Hawaiian Place Mats. 

Remember my hubby wanted to buy some for $37.00?
And Remember he had doubts I could make them?
I laid them out on top my tablecloth for the picture (and there's my daughter's birthday gift in the picture too).

Okay - admittedly, I did have to figure out how to make them.  But it was easy.  
I made a paper pattern - cut all my pieces out (including batting)
I sewed them up,  trimming the batting close the the seam and turned them inside out. Then I stitched up the opening and top stitched.  Yeah, it was that easy.  And fun too!

As I was stitching I was watching my bobbin thread and my spool of thread.  I ran out of bobbin, just as I finished sewing, and look how much was left on my top spool.
That's cutting it pretty close isn't it?  

The fabrics cost me about $17.00.  
So that's how I saved $20.00 - by making them instead of buying pre-made ones. 

And just so you know - Lily, my most sweetest little granddaughter turned 1 last month.
She's a cutie!!  She's in her birthday tutu.  Her Mama makes and sells them. 

Also it's Friday Night Sew-in! So now - let's go sew something else!

Happy Stitching, 


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  2. I love your placemats! But the picture of your granddaughter worries me - balloons are so dangerous for children because if/when the pop, the normal reaction is to sort of gasp in surprise and inhale a small piece of the rubber, which can become lodged in the windpipe. My FIL, a speech pathologist, treated many, many people who lost language as a result of this. He taught my children to decline the offer of a balloon and say, "I can't play with them because I might choke." Not to be discouraging-just helpful, as she is a cutie!

  3. Well, Tammy aren't you so sweet to bring that to our attention. I will certainly past on the information.