Thursday, January 26, 2017

Neptune's Fight and a Christmas Pillowcase

Over Christmas I decided I really did need a Christmas pillowcase just for me.

So after Christmas I bought some fabric (on sale!  I love me some sales!) and last week I made this.
I have it all folded up and waiting for next year.
However it was so much fun - I'm thinking of making more.  Cuz you know all the Christmas fabric is still on sale!

In other news...

Neptune decided to chase a cat.  Too bad for her, she cornered the cat.  And that's when the cat attacked.
I think Neptune lost.
She looks like that old cigarette commercial – “I would rather fight than switch”.

I had to take her the emergency room.  Thank goodness the cat did not get her eyeball just the lid.  It was actually swollen up 2 inches high.  (Her head is only 4 inches wide.)

Poor thing - Marzipan being her best bud - did her best to comfort her.
 She's much better now thankfully.

So that's all for today.

Happy Stitching,
Linda, enjoying life with two good eyes, 
and two good little doggies.


  1. Love the fabric you chose for your pillow case--it came out really cute--I really need to learn that one easy turn pattern and make some--maybe some for children and give them to a charity--
    sorry about the pup--wonder if he will try to corner a cat again!!
    enjoy the moments-di

  2. Pillow cases are so much fun! I made three last year, one for each of my nephews and niece for Christmas. I got a picture back with them "in" their pillow cases! They put them over their cute! My niece went to bed and then got up, to get her pillow case because she had to use it. That made me feel really good! I think I will make them different pillow cases each year that will reflect the changes in the things they like. The cases are so easy to make!
    Poor Neptune! I'm glad she is okay. It's so hard on us furparents when they get hurt!

  3. Would you believe I've never made a pillowcase? Yours is sure cute. And you tell Neptune to stay away from cats. They will win every time. I tried to break up a cat fight one time. Not a smart move.

  4. Oh poor Neptune. Dogs never win the fight with cats. I chuckled at your mention of the cigarette add. Love your Christmas pillowcase; you will have to stitch some more.

  5. That pillowcase is so darling, good for you! Oh poor Neptune - that's terrible, and yes it does remind me of that commercial, lol! Really glad the cat missed her eyeball....

  6. Poor Neptune!! :( and I've made plenty of Christmas pillowcase especially for my hubbies sisters family, but never for us. :)