Thursday, January 5, 2012

New Year - New Choices

As the old year closes we get to reflect on what we have done in the past, think about our accomplishments.  

Well, this picture is all I'm going to say about my  2011 accomplishments. 
 These are my empty spools from last year.
Empty Spools means Quilting FUN!

New Year, New Choices.  Who wouldn't love that?

So now I'm thinking about this new year and what fun projects I would like to start as I'm finishing up my UFO's from previous years.

Fat Cat Patterns is having a Chicken BOM
Sew Gal Gal is doing the Free Motion Quilting Challenge.  
Jenny of Elefantz is doing a BOM, Promises and Borders.
Just Takes 2 has a fun quilt just starting up.
Vicki Welsh has her Color Palette Challenge and a Color lesson each Friday.
One Piece at a Time will start her new BOM in Mid January.
2011 BOM by One Piece at a Time
Leah's Free Motion Quilting on Wednesdays.

And Bunny Hill has just started a Scrappy Plate Club Quilt.

I know there are many other online projects out there.   I'm not sure which one I'll do.  What about you?  Have you found a new project for the year?

In the meanwhile I haven't been doing any sewing at all.  Instead I've been doing some puzzles.
To me puzzles and quilt are alike, putting pieces back together.  I'll be back to sewing before long.

I hope 2012 is everything you wish it to be.


  1. No. No. No. I will not go look at all these projects. Okay, maybe I've signed up for a couple of them. But others are new to me, so I'm going blog hopping now. see you later!

  2. It looks like you have been a busy lady, no wonder you are taking a break and doing a puzzle.

    I have started the "hello sun", I think it will be a cute one. It's hard to just do one, but I have not yet retired, so don't have all the time I wished I had to sew.

    Thanks for sharing all the different site. Have a great week!

  3. Lots of great links there - I am doing Jenny's, but I think that's all. Love the chickens from Fat Cat!

  4. Puzzles are kind of addicting, right? My grandma always had one out, and it was hard to leave her house unless we finished it first. ha! Esp. puzzles with quilts in the pictures. :o) I don't think I should look at any of those links until I at least finish something that I've already started. I heard about a "finish-a-long" .. I need to go and find that one. :)

  5. My first project is a Lone Star quilt, and I'm running a sort-of quiltalong which is more of a mutual support group really in the hopes that when I have a problem, other people will be able to help! Selfish or what?

  6. I love the One Piece at a Time one. So stunning. Must. Behave.

    I love the idea of saving your empty spools! That's fun!

  7. O Golly - so many choices -- some of these I hadn't seen yet but some I -gulp- have!