Friday, September 21, 2012

Oh yes! Tonight is FNSI!  Just what I need after a rough week of work. A nice evening of relaxation. Sewing is better than getting a massage.  Do you agree?  

Yesterday, I had go to the doctor for my eyes; I've been seeing flashes of light.  So the doctor shined a bright light in my eyes and pushed on them really hard with a little metal tool.  It just made me so sick.  I'm still a little nauseated even today.  (I think my eyes will be okay - but I'll have to go back for another torture treatment in a month.) He did say next time it won't be as bad.  

So last night when I thought I was feeling better I started squaring up my blocks. That's when the big mistake happened.  (Okay so it's not a big mistake - but it seemed like it at the time!)

I trimmed this one too small.  I was thinking I needed 8 inch square - so I trimmed.
Right away I realize - NO! It's 8 inches finished!  AND I do not have any more background fabric left.  Poor, Poor Block!  

Here's the other block I made last week:
Okay so that's my plans for the evening.  Do you plan on joining us or do you have something better in mind?

Happy Stitching,


  1. Sorry about your block. I've done the very same thing. I guess I'll get out my crocheting, since i don't have any sewing with me. I hope you get a lot done. Those eye treatments do sound like torture.

  2. Did he say what caused your flashes? Just reading about what he did to your eyes made me a little nauseated.. ew. I hope the next time is much better. Are your blocks going to have sashing? Maybe you can just sew a tiny strip of sashing fabric around the whole block to correct it to the right size and then when it's all sashed in with the others no one will notice? I'll be sewing with you. Working on Jack #2.

  3. Perhaps that block could become part of a label on the back?

  4. Ouch! Did he say what was causing the flashes? I bet that made you nauseated. Oh, I am so sorry! Hope you are better. Sorry your block got trimmed. I hope your fix with the zig zag holds!