Wednesday, December 15, 2010

While the crew filmed the French Film, We sewed on the new Machine!!

I need to start this post with a warning. The following post may will contain blurry pictures! The French filming crew still has my camera.

My other daughter just bought a new sewing machine.  She selected a basic Singer to start with.  She came down from Salinas to have me teach her to use it.  Isn't that the coolest thing??? My daughter wants to learn to sew so much she bought a machine?? And now begins the fun!!!

She purchased fabric and a pattern for an apron.  We started after dinner and finished up about 11:30 pm.  Way past my bedtime but it was too much fun to stop!  I'm so proud of her!  Look what she did!  Her first project on her own machine!  Apron being modeled by her:

Check out that scalloped edging.  And the waistband goes to a bit of a point - adding interest to the waist line.  Did you see the large pockets? They will come in so handy.  And check out the little dog - she knows it's way past bed time!  She doesn't care about aprons!!

Next the apron being modeled by me - see we don't care that we are using a camera phone in low light. 

No one should allow their picture to be taken at 11:30 at night!  Yikes!!

Check out this super cute bow in back! 

We think we should start our own apron company.  Here's our best Model! 

Well, maybe not.  (Her hubby is always so much fun and such a good sport!)

I think I will enter this into Paula's Challenge for her. 

Happy Sewing!



  1. What a cute apron, and a great bunch of models. I think it's awesome that she wants to learn to sew, and bought a machine. So much fun to follow......

  2. Wow, that is a really complex apron for a first one! You girls did a great job! Loving all the models too! How fun to get to sew with your daughter - I love those days!

  3. OMG, that is so cute. You guys are such cuties! Love that apron! Scalloped edge for a first sewing project?! Brave! That is awesome. I can't wait for my daughter to start sewing!